Friday, 29 March 2013

[Review] 3rd Party Predator Turret

I finally got around to adding some magnets to this and wanted to share my thoughts on this replacement turret for a predator.  Machinator (Blood and Skulls Industries) makes these and they're a decent price for what you get.  His customer service is also excellent.  It arrived still 'on sprue' with the mould injection parts still attached.  These clip off very well and there were no bubbles or extra flash to speak off.  The model comes in 3 pieces, the hatch, main turret and the swivel mount for the gun barrels.  A standard 40k copula will fit where the hatch goes but I'm not too keen on a marine sticking his head out.  He just looks way too overpowering to the hatch.  The bit comes without any gun barrels and you can customize those however you want.  It's also predrilled for magnets.  I chose to add plasma cannons on this one to count as a Deimos Predator Executioner.  The proportions and lines of this are really nice and a change from the ordinary square predator turrets.  For the cost they're also a nice alternative to razorback turret bits and will give a uniform appearance across the army.  The rounded look isn't for everyone but if you like the look of this, the quality is great.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Chapter Master of the Emerald Fists (Pedro)

Chapter master Gneaus Claudius
Here's my Emerald Fists' chapter master.  He's on quite a mountainous scenic base to make him seem a little more important.  I really like this model and he fits well in my display cabinet.  I'll probably use him as a generic SM captain sometimes too.  I tried to keep most of the tones muted (like the baby blue rope and the red) so that it didn't stand out too much.  I wanted the focal point to be the green gauntles while still showing off the details of the sculpt.  No one wants a gaudy paint job.  The tau are a warning to my pal's new allies.  Unsubtle jabs on the table top are worth every penny.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Emerald Fist Objective Markers

I bought some Forge World etched brass and there are two pieces which perfect to fit on a 25mm base.  I was prompted by the suggestion on this blog and thought I'd follow through.  I had 5 'imperial' objectives already but thought some simple army specific ones would be nice especially since I'm playing these almost exclusively.  The etched brass is simple enough to work with when applied to a flat surface.  I roughed up the back of it to provide something for the glue to adhere to.  I also green stuffed over the Imperial Fist names so that I could scribble some text over the name plate.  These were easy enough to put together and paint in about an hour so it was anice little addition to the army.  On the bright side, being flat they also don't stop models from standing directly on them.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Emerald Fists Nurgle Raptors

I finished up my raptors today and can't wait to use them Sunday.  The packs all can be removed so that I have 10 spare plague marines as well.  Not much to say that I haven't about my other Fists; I think the photos speak for themselves.  I'm also happy with the rust which used some generic craft acrylics. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

[Fluff] Raven's Call

I wanted to share some fluff a friend and I have been working on ( which details his raven guard and their campaign against my Emerald Fists.  Enjoy the read.
~Only in Death does Duty End~

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Emerald Fist Terminators CSM and Loyal

A bunch of goodies came in the mail and I couldn't help but assembled them.  I have a squad of raptors 95% painted but had to build these guys instead!

I've never worked with brass etching before but it seems pretty simple.  I had some issues with the super glue working to affix the pieces so I scored the back of the brass first with a hobby knife and that seems to have worked.  The little fist pieces really add some chapter specific flair to the models.  Paired with the forge world shoulder pads and there will be no confusing these for black reach terminators!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nurgle Raptors PIP

I'm plugging away at my raptor squad so that I can have them ready for a game on the 24th.  I'm hoping 20 of these and a jump pack lord can rain terror on my enemy.  The guy on the right needs to touchups to his gore and all the rust needs some highlighting.  I have to finish a couple assault weapons as well but these are nearly done!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Emerald Fist Nurgle Sorcerer Fluff

Here's some background on how my librarians turned from the Emperor and a bit of a bio of my sorcerer which will get painted next month.

The Schism of the Fists was not limited to line astartes. Neither Lexicani nor codicier, fused with the tainted geneseed, were immune to those blighted events. Although they may have held out longer than their comrades, secluding themselves to rigorous meditation to ward off the pressing tide, the young librarians inevitably ceded to Roscius as their battle brothers died around them. Once removed from the shackles of the Librarius’ edicts designed to protect those wielding the powers of the warp, the traitors were free to delve into the rotting wonder of the Lord of Decay. Most of these new sorcerers had not yet steeled their minds to such power and perished or worse, devolved into gibbering masses of flesh spawn. Few, such as Morteus, harnessed this power to their will. With but a look Morteus infects his victims and wracks their flesh. Sharing his gifts with all those he sets his gaze upon has become his only impetus. Those who earn his attention are rewarded with a death experienced throughout a lifetime in a state between worlds; neither in the material world or the immaterium, his victims suffer for an eternity at the blink of an eye before crumbling to dust at his feet. Large swaths of the population of Bruj were inevitably cursed to the undying by his own hand.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Nurgle Raptors PIP

Eventually I want to have a full company of loyalist Emerald Fists.  This would mean 20 assault marines (of which I have 10 so far).  It would also be cool to run 30 raptors so I put together 10 of them this week.  So my first campaign game I'll have 20 raptors.  These guys are magnetised so that the packs can come off and I can also run them as plague marines.  I love versatility! (Also thanks to my buddy Dayne for loaning me magnets).  I wanted a different style of jump pack to give them a unique look so I used the sanguinary guard packs.  A have more highlighting to do and then weathering before I move onto the details but that will have to wait for the weekend.  I'm also never going to take an icon but I think it looks cool so I built another one from plague bearers.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Emerald Fists Nurgle Lord w/ Jump Pack

Lord Kurnex - The traitor elements of the Emerald Fists are led by Lords of Rot. Those battle brothers who were implanted with defective geneseed long before the Schism and possessed of exceptional natural ability soon became sergeants of their own squads. These traitors are rare, yet so is their prowess in battle. These exceptional individuals who would have been destined for great things among their loyal chapter have risen to prominence among the traitors. Blessed with the gifts of the Lord of Pestulence and innate ability they reap unimaginable carnage across the worlds of the Imperium serving as the daemon prince Roscius' lieutenants. Originally, a sergeant of a 7th company assault squad, Kurnex is a proficient brawler. He has risen in prominence among Roscius’ war host on the corpses of those he has slaughtered; kings, governors and champions all falling to his envenomed blades.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pinning is Important!

Pinning is important!  I'm going to attempt to put together 10 raptors using forge world bodies, CSM parts and sanguinary guard jump packs.  All of this consists of resin to plastic bonds and it's really important (in my experience) to use pins on any part where any amount of force can be applied (ie arms/waists/packs) but not so much things like shoulder pads.  I know a lot of people get a bit scared off by this but a small pin vise can make it super quick.  I use paper clips and super glue which work really well.  On small (and I've even done it on larger models) the paper clips work fine.  All you're going for is an increases surface area and something to stop a 2 dimensional slide of the joint.  Anyway here's part of my pinning production line from tonight.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Nurgle Word Bearer Dark Apostle

I finished my Dark Apostle today and I'll never paint a Word Bearer again!  No painting reason, it was actually really fun to paint this model the legion just fits a very specific fluff portion of my army and I'll never have need of another with their current codex.  I'm actally a bit bummed out that he won't see the table much.  Anyway painting this guy!  I think this model is perfect for a Nurgle worshiping Word Bearer dark apostle.  The mace, the bald head, the shoulder plate, censors just everything fits what I would want the model to look like.  Those dark vengeance models are just sweet, sadly I didn't have much use for most of them so my buddy has them all now.


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