Nurgle Raptors PIP

Eventually I want to have a full company of loyalist Emerald Fists.  This would mean 20 assault marines (of which I have 10 so far).  It would also be cool to run 30 raptors so I put together 10 of them this week.  So my first campaign game I'll have 20 raptors.  These guys are magnetised so that the packs can come off and I can also run them as plague marines.  I love versatility! (Also thanks to my buddy Dayne for loaning me magnets).  I wanted a different style of jump pack to give them a unique look so I used the sanguinary guard packs.  A have more highlighting to do and then weathering before I move onto the details but that will have to wait for the weekend.  I'm also never going to take an icon but I think it looks cool so I built another one from plague bearers.


  1. I love magnets too, but make sure the magnets are big enough for the jump packs. I magnetized my blood angels with the super small magnets that I use for arms and the packs always fell off. I wish I used the bigger size because it's almost impossible to get the magnets back out again.

    1. ha funny you should mention that. I did the exact same thing with my Blood Angels and the magenets won't hold a pack well. I used larger ones (1/8" x 1/16") this time and they work really well.


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