Emerald Fist Terminators CSM and Loyal

A bunch of goodies came in the mail and I couldn't help but assembled them.  I have a squad of raptors 95% painted but had to build these guys instead!

I've never worked with brass etching before but it seems pretty simple.  I had some issues with the super glue working to affix the pieces so I scored the back of the brass first with a hobby knife and that seems to have worked.  The little fist pieces really add some chapter specific flair to the models.  Paired with the forge world shoulder pads and there will be no confusing these for black reach terminators!

I really think a power axe is a better choice for these models and even though the loyalist sergeant isn't allowed to take one he may have the option in a future codex so I thought I'd put it on now.  It looks better anyway.  The assault cannon is my favourite and I think the space wolf bit looks more deadly with the large ammo belt than the SM counterpart.  I cut the wolf iconography off and then carved a bit of a hand into it and added a handle.  It's not great (I'm no sculptor) but it is convincing enough I think.

The traitor terminators will be used in an upcoming campaign mission I'm doing so will need to get painted.  Otherwise I think they'll be run in a squad of 3 with combi meltas.  I armed them all with power axes for now since I feel it's the best free weapon option. 

And here's a parting shot with the veterans of the Emerald Fists squaring off against their traitor brothers.


  1. I love these! My favorite one is the assault cannon and that pack looks beastly.

    Also a Vanilla Termy Sergeant may indeed have a power axe. Space Marine FAQ Page 1:

    Page 129-133 - Power Sword: Change all references to "Power Sword" to "Power Weapon". Lawyered.

    1. Thanks dude. So apparently I need to do a better job remembering the FAQ documents. I think running only AP2 is a better choice but I guess we'll see.


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