Pinning is Important!

Pinning is important!  I'm going to attempt to put together 10 raptors using forge world bodies, CSM parts and sanguinary guard jump packs.  All of this consists of resin to plastic bonds and it's really important (in my experience) to use pins on any part where any amount of force can be applied (ie arms/waists/packs) but not so much things like shoulder pads.  I know a lot of people get a bit scared off by this but a small pin vise can make it super quick.  I use paper clips and super glue which work really well.  On small (and I've even done it on larger models) the paper clips work fine.  All you're going for is an increases surface area and something to stop a 2 dimensional slide of the joint.  Anyway here's part of my pinning production line from tonight.