[Review] 3rd Party Predator Turret

I finally got around to adding some magnets to this and wanted to share my thoughts on this replacement turret for a predator.  Machinator (Blood and Skulls Industries) makes these and they're a decent price for what you get.  His customer service is also excellent.  It arrived still 'on sprue' with the mould injection parts still attached.  These clip off very well and there were no bubbles or extra flash to speak off.  The model comes in 3 pieces, the hatch, main turret and the swivel mount for the gun barrels.  A standard 40k copula will fit where the hatch goes but I'm not too keen on a marine sticking his head out.  He just looks way too overpowering to the hatch.  The bit comes without any gun barrels and you can customize those however you want.  It's also predrilled for magnets.  I chose to add plasma cannons on this one to count as a Deimos Predator Executioner.  The proportions and lines of this are really nice and a change from the ordinary square predator turrets.  For the cost they're also a nice alternative to razorback turret bits and will give a uniform appearance across the army.  The rounded look isn't for everyone but if you like the look of this, the quality is great.


  1. Nice! I dig how that turned out. I'm a huge fan of Tom McBride's work - he is a great guy to work with and does some really cool upgrade kits. Looking forward to seeing this mounted up on a tank!


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