Chapter Master of the Emerald Fists (Pedro)

Chapter master Gneaus Claudius
Here's my Emerald Fists' chapter master.  He's on quite a mountainous scenic base to make him seem a little more important.  I really like this model and he fits well in my display cabinet.  I'll probably use him as a generic SM captain sometimes too.  I tried to keep most of the tones muted (like the baby blue rope and the red) so that it didn't stand out too much.  I wanted the focal point to be the green gauntles while still showing off the details of the sculpt.  No one wants a gaudy paint job.  The tau are a warning to my pal's new allies.  Unsubtle jabs on the table top are worth every penny.

Gneaus Cladius has been chapter master of the Emerald Fists for over 300 years and predates the Schism of the Fists.  Upon hearing of these treacherous events Cladius swore vengeance and set about the largest crusade in chapter history.  Seeing the Schism as a personal failing as the chapter was slowly corrupted under his command, Cladius vowed to see the death of the apostate elements of his chapter.  Under his orders the chapter now engages in battles solely to see Roscius' band ground to dust and have chased the traitors for over a century.  While seeing the renegades perish is of utmost importance he has cautiously rebuilt the chapter from near oblivion.  While still depleated, he has strengthened the chapter from a low of just over two companies to nearly 500 astartes during the ongoing crusade. 


  1. Very cool! I always loved that model, and I really dig it in the Emerald Fists color scheme. Great work, man!

    1. Thanks man. I think the creamy/white colour is just refreshing since you only really see deathwing done that way.

  2. More props from me here. I really like the way he came out. My favorite part about this model really is the pose. I love the look of the that storm bolter and that huge ammo chain!


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