Friday, 31 August 2012

"Sacrifices" - An Apocalypse Narrative Part 2

Chapter Two - Strange Bedfellows

Prologue  Part 1
Rules used for this battle are here: Apocalypse Custom rules; these were modified slightly ingame for 'balance'

Warboss Gutrencha
"Alright you gitz! We's got ta hit deez humies right in da teef! We ain't gon stand bys while they takes our prizes!!" Gutrencha thrust his fist into the air, what once was solid green humanoid hand, had been surgically replaced by the Mad Dok. Gutrencha wasn't the only one. For the past several months his warband had been undergoing systematic prosthetic replacement of whatever it was they deemed un-necessary or too weak to cause the destruction they wanted. As such, it was to their great fortune that they ran across the Mad Dok and his towering leader, the Great Skorpion, conqueror of the Emerald system. This and his retinue of mega armored sentinels were what faced Gutrencha now.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Caestus - Deciding on Colour

So I picked up a Caestus assault ram. Now, thoughts on the paint scheme. I want to do it for my Space Wolves since it's basically a flying land raider. Now if you look at the picture, What if I did the two front long things in white/bone colour, and the rear 1/3 in the dark grey/blue of my space wolves. Make them look like big fangs?

Think that's going to look alright?

Now about a name: Freki and and Geri were Leman Russ' massive pet wolves...
I have time to decide while it ships and I work on other things but those were my random thoughts.

Monday, 27 August 2012

"Sacrifices" - An Apocalypse Narrative Part 1

Fluff Prologue to this tale, view the "Snatch and Grab" post.
Rules used for this battle are here: Apocalypse Custom rules; these were modified slightly ingame for 'balance'


Brother Librarian Teldris
Teldris knew their escape would be fraught with complication, but nothing like this. Since rescuing Inquisitor Justus from the grips of the Orks, they had managed to link with their primary battle-group. Sergeant Lhurus and his scouts were the first to fall, staying behind to slow the Ork advance and giving Teldris and the remainder of the assault time to rendezvous with Shadow Captain Korvydae and Chaplain Maneus.
"Brother Librarian, take flanking positions and prepare to surge forward, protect the flank and ensure Deliverance reaches the gates at tall costs." Korvydae's voice was gruff and direct, befitting that of his station. The Shadow Captain of the 10th Company was a fearsome warrior, veteran of Kastorel-Novum and as such, knew the threat the greenskins possessed. Already preliminary scout reports from his scout bikers had confirmed a large force of Orks moving to intercept with a heavy airborne presence and bikes too numerous to count.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

New Forge World Deimos Pattern Predator Infernus

DEIMOS PATTERN PREDATOR INFERNUS I wanted to toss up a link to this new tank that FW has just put out.  Forge World Link.  The fluff for it makes mention of the Crimson Fists so it should be great for my Emerald Fist chapter.  I have some turrets and sponsons from Machinator (check his ebay store) whcih make a convincing deimos tank.  I'm going to magnetize the turret so that I can swap out all of these random varients.  Can't wait!  It suffers from not having 'fast' but is 25 points cheaper than a baal pred and can be taken by vanilla marines.  Actually now that I think about it, not having fast makes this useless.  Still a cool model.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sevrin Loth and Apocaplypse Narrative Intro [Fluff]

Brother Librarian Teldris - "Snatch and Grab"

"The Orks have secured the Inquisitor within the courtyard of their makeshift fortress. We estimate their numbers to be between 30-35 Orks, the rest have all left again to conduct another raid on the nearby energy stations."

"Confirmed Initiate Augimo." Sergeant Llurus looked to the rest of the Initiates under his command. They were hidden well, but not well enough to his liking. Using a set of simple hand gestures he indicated his squad to take up supporting firing positions and to take denser cover further below them in the thicker brush. He moved to follow, silent as the predator he was, like a wraith moving unseen.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Emerald Fists "Short" [fluff]

Brother Atius looked down at his dying brother and uttered a quiet curse.  "Such a coward for fearing death and giving in to the traitor apothecary's temptation" he whispered as his bolter barked.  Atius turned and stepped toward the exit lift heading to the next level of the ship.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mamon, Nurgle Daemon Prince

I finished painting up Roscius (fluff here).  Now that I'm done I can safely say this was the most fun I've ever had painting a model.  From top to bottom this model had everything.  The detail is amazing, from flies, magots, flesh, blood, metal, rust, ooze, bone and a host of other things; this model was a joy to paint.  I'm so excited to continue this nurgle adventure.  I've included a whole bunch of shots and different angles here so that you can get a better view and idea of what the model has on him.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nurgle Greater Daemon WIP

I spent the evening today painting this guy and here's where I'm at so far. I need to finish off a lot of the details, the nurglings, all of the metal, the bones, his 1 eye and lots on the base (it's fully daemoned out). The detail on this model is crazy and such a treat from space marines. It's amazing how fast you can paint when you're painting something you enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fluff - The Schism of the Fists

The following details the rise to power of Roscius, Apothecary of the Emerald Fists and describes the great fissure which decimated the Emerald Fists and led to their disapearance from the Imperium.

The story will be expanded as I add more units to the army.  For now, this is the fluff for the daemon prince I'm working on as part of a 'tale of four gamers' I'm doing.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Emerald Fist (CSM/SM counts as) Fluff Ideas

Devestator Squad Mullor of the Emerald Fists was paramount in the defence of Truvort IV in 816.M41. Shown here Sgt. Mullor issues target priority commands to his squad as the enemy hordes encroach. A veteran of nearly two centuries of battle, Mullor is a calm and calculating man who prefers the cleansing heat of plasma at his side. Determination and strength of will have kept him alive this long; carrying a man-portable plasma reactor to battle with sufficient calm to accurately level it against an enemy time and time again would require no less.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Narrative BatRep - The Assault on Shandahar Minor [Conclusion]

THE IMPERIUM "Brother Librarian, enemy Traitor reinforcements are have arrived. The left flank will not hold without further support."

"Confirmed. I will handle the matter. Squad Tiresais, you will embark in your Rhino and make way for the center of the Heretic defence. Squad Bertramus, move to the central area of the Guardsmen. You will turn aside all enemies and secure this area as our staging post." With several curt acknowledgements his sergeants obeyed. The distant rumble of the Rhino could be heard speeding away, deep into enemy territory.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Wolf Claws and Rerolls?

I was just looking over the Space Wolf codex and it indicates that in addition to being a lighting claw the user may choose to reroll rolls to hit or to wound.  There's no indication of failed/misses being rerolled.  I know no one plays this way but would this not be the same as Warp Time (which no one played correctly either)?  Using the CSM FAQ as president (and reading English) I don't believe you should just be rerolling misses. 


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dread Claw Modelling Fail

Dreadclaw fin and rails cut off...
This isn't my first resin model but I sure feel like it was after this experience.  I opened my dreadclaw up and was excited to start putting it together so the first thing I did was start removing flash and injection channels.  After I had sufficient parts to put the main hull together I grabbed two main hull pieces and a 'fin' and tried to dry fit them.  I couldn't for the life of my figure out how they attached so I went to the FW website to look at their completed dreadclaw.  Turns out the injection channels I'd cut off the fins weren't injection ports at all but rails.  I managed to pin them back together but I definately have a weaker joint now.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Battle Report Section

I've created a new section for battle reports to sort and organize them as I post them.  It makes them a bit easier to find.  I know some people don't like the rehashed versions so I've sorted them into narratives and straight up reports.  The narrative ones are a nice little 5 minute read during your coffee break if you're interested :)

Do people prefer the narratives or the other style?  Are there any tips that would make these more enjoyable?  I'll pass them on to my friend who wrote more than half of these as well.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Emerald Fist Plasma Devs

I've been saying I'd finish these for the last week so I finally did.  Strangly there was so little to finish I don't know why I procrastinated so much.  I'm now 5% done my space marine company :)

Sternguard as Devestators?

Ok well, I'm sure I'm not the first (in fact I know I'm not) but I've been thinking a lot lately about devestators and their drawbacks.  At least in my area it doesn't seem too hard to shoot up a good dev team and reduce their functionality really quickly.  Having a 30+ point model die from a 1/3 chance isn't that hard.  I guess the way to protect them is to buy bullet catchers (basic marines) to put out front but that increases the cost and makes the unit less manouverable as it's harder to fit them into terrain.  The logical progression here is to combat squad them but once you've bought 10 marines and split them into two groups of five you're still spending a lot of points.


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