Sevrin Loth and Apocaplypse Narrative Intro [Fluff]

Brother Librarian Teldris - "Snatch and Grab"

"The Orks have secured the Inquisitor within the courtyard of their makeshift fortress. We estimate their numbers to be between 30-35 Orks, the rest have all left again to conduct another raid on the nearby energy stations."

"Confirmed Initiate Augimo." Sergeant Llurus looked to the rest of the Initiates under his command. They were hidden well, but not well enough to his liking. Using a set of simple hand gestures he indicated his squad to take up supporting firing positions and to take denser cover further below them in the thicker brush. He moved to follow, silent as the predator he was, like a wraith moving unseen.

"Now is the time to strike Brother Teldris, while their support is away and their attentions are drawn to defending their gates, a strike from above, swift and decisive. We will take the high priority targets surrounding the Inquisitor."

A soft spoken voice entered Llurus's head +Confirmed Llurus.+ He hated that. The wind took a sudden shift and he gave the signal to his squad to prepare to engage. "Await the signal."

"What is the signal Brother Sergeant?" As if in answer to that question, the screaming of overhead jump jets came a split second before the trail of fire heralding the arrival of "The Signal". Twenty black dots came crashing to the earth, led by one whose armour bore not the midnight black of the Raven Guard, but a blazing blue.

Their impact shook the earth and they crashed into the centre of the courtyard headlong into the Orks in its perimeter. The Orks manning the wall turned their guns inward and began firing indiscriminately into their own, the sheer excitement of a boring guard duty turned battle driving them into a berserk frenzy. Disciplined sniper fire began taking down the heavy guns on the battlements, and several Orks moving to reinforce a concrete bunker housed in the south-eastern section of the fortification.

"+Sergeant Valinias, prepare to move to the bunker and extract the target. I will hold the Orks+"
"Acknowledged, moving to disengage and secure the Inquisitor." The sergeant moved to secure a path to the bunker, his crackling powerfist throttling Orks as he passed with impunity. In such small numbers, they need not worry about getting bogged down and swamped by the beasts. Orks in great number were known for their fearlessness and ferocity, but this attack was well planned to strike when the Orks were at their weakest. Their patrols had been committed to memory, their weaponry, every detail to ensure that the assault would catch them at their most vulnerable.
Teldris cleaved greenskin after greenskin, his battle practise drills in the Ravenspire giving purchase to the melee he found himself in now. The attack was proceeding well, when from the eastern wall a new group of Orks had made their way into the fray. Bigger than the others, more of a threat. Teldris fired his bolt pistol into them, each round striking precisely where he aimed, but the bolt shells would not slow them and within moments three of them had surrounded him, their crudely fashioned weapons brought high and swinging swiftly towards him. Teldris parried, ducked, and rolled to the clear. He turned to face them as they charged headlong into him again. His closed his eyes and opened them again, the eyes of solid black that came as a curse to his geneseed, had been replaced with two blazing white orbs. His Force Axe blazed into life and he brought his hands together in front of him and just as the first Ork was preparing a shoulder charge, unleashed a roiling, avatar of flame, a projection of a massive raven came flying towards the Orks, incinerating one of them instantly. The others pushed through the torrent of flame, and dove for him arms outstretched and they both went crashing to the ground and rolled towards the center of the embankment. The second came stomping over, not quite sure whether it would be better to strike once and cut both of the combatants heads off, or to simply kill the other Ork and take the glory for himself. Before he could decide though, a loud crack resounded from the nearby brush and he found himself with a new set of ear holes before crumpling to the dirt.

Teldris managed to force the Ork off him with a strong kick to the chest and brought his axe across his body in a violent turning motion, catching the Ork off guard and stunning it backwards several steps. He used this instant to take leap at the brute, his power armour enhanced frame propelling him skyward, arms both with a firm grip on his weapon. He brought it down hard , directly into the cranium of the Ork, and flooded his weapon with raw psychic power, bringing its head to steaming boil before it burst open like a soft fruit.
"Brother Teldris, the Inquisitor is secure, extraction underway, casualties minimal. We should rendezvous with the escort to get him off system."

"+Agreed Valinias, the Orks will soon commit to the chase, and something darker, more sinister lurks at the edge of my sight....forgive me. Let us rendezvous with Lhurus and link up with the battlegroup.+"

And with that the Ravens took their prize in hand and made good their escape, unaware of the eyes tracking them in the distance.
The preceding will form the basis for a 4-way, 5 player apocalypse game this weekend.  Stay tuned for more.