Dread Claw Modelling Fail

Dreadclaw fin and rails cut off...
This isn't my first resin model but I sure feel like it was after this experience.  I opened my dreadclaw up and was excited to start putting it together so the first thing I did was start removing flash and injection channels.  After I had sufficient parts to put the main hull together I grabbed two main hull pieces and a 'fin' and tried to dry fit them.  I couldn't for the life of my figure out how they attached so I went to the FW website to look at their completed dreadclaw.  Turns out the injection channels I'd cut off the fins weren't injection ports at all but rails.  I managed to pin them back together but I definately have a weaker joint now.

I think it's weak enough in fact that I've just pinned the entire fin into one place for the most support since I don't want it to snap off when handled.  It won't be extending anymore like the model intended.

This could definately have been easily avoided if I'd looked at the model first but I wasn't thinking and was in a rush.  While pinning I also broke my drill bit off in the base of the model so once I get that out, buy a new bit and get to work on it I'll post a scale picture with a drop pod.  It's about 50% larger I'd say.

Lesson learned!  Take your time and look closely.  This was a pretty bone 'ead mistake.