Emerald Fists "Short" [fluff]

Brother Atius looked down at his dying brother and uttered a quiet curse.  "Such a coward for fearing death and giving in to the traitor apothecary's temptation" he whispered as his bolter barked.  Atius turned and stepped toward the exit lift heading to the next level of the ship.

Before he could take a second step he heard a rasping, wheezing sound and spun on his heel into a ready position facing the noise.  His former brother began to rise, limping toward him.  The marine took 2 bolter shells to the torso as the magazine ran dry; it closed the distance but showed no outward sign of the impact save for the smell of burnt flesh.  As Atius brought his mono-filament combat blade up into a defensive position the blade began  to disintegrate in his hand.  He looked on in disgust and charged.  The abomination welcomed the charge with open arms and closed its embrace.

"It is true, Brother," he wheezed "I have known the fear of oblivion and I have been shown a path without pain, without death . Now, accept this blessing..."

Atius struggled to rip free of the embrace but his strikes were weak.  He felt himself thrown to the side.  Splinters of ceramite pierced his flesh as he struck the bulkhead with his spine and slumped to the ground.  Atius managed to right himself but a knee impacted his side sending him to his back once more.  As the ceramite-encased plague straddled him he knew he would soon be with the Emperor.

"Perhaps not all are meant to walk the true path" the plague marine spit as he tore Atius' helm from its mountings.

Atius' eyes widened and he managed a last breath through ever withering flesh.  "Tratior".

The plague marine stood leaving the dessicated husk of Brother Atius to its final resting place and stepped into the elevator.