Emerald Fist Plasma Devs

I've been saying I'd finish these for the last week so I finally did.  Strangly there was so little to finish I don't know why I procrastinated so much.  I'm now 5% done my space marine company :)

Looking back at all of my past models I went a little crazy on the static grass so I toned it down a lot on these guys and put it in far smaller clumps.

Its really hard to capture the true colour of these though.  Maybe my next photos if done outside on a good lighting day will show them better.  The models are primed black then airbrushed dhenab stone then from above with wych flesh followed by devlan mud.  I drybrushed them with wych flesh then skull white afterward. It gives them a creamy white ceramic look.

Anyway 5 down, 95 to go!  Next up I'll tackle the 10 assault marines that are already basecoated and highlighted.