Mamon, Nurgle Daemon Prince

I finished painting up Roscius (fluff here).  Now that I'm done I can safely say this was the most fun I've ever had painting a model.  From top to bottom this model had everything.  The detail is amazing, from flies, magots, flesh, blood, metal, rust, ooze, bone and a host of other things; this model was a joy to paint.  I'm so excited to continue this nurgle adventure.  I've included a whole bunch of shots and different angles here so that you can get a better view and idea of what the model has on him.

The base on this model is really cool too with a swirling assortment of chaotic junk and some zombie-ish things crawling out of it.  Really looks like he's corrupting the earth beneath him.  I looked at a lot of photos of nurgle stuff on-line and for the most part I think people forget to show the 'rot' aspect.  I went with a lot of blackened sores/flesh wounds instead of what I normally see online.  I wanted to show necrotic tissue as well as pure festing sores.  Nurgle's about the whole cycle I feel so I tried to show it all.
The nurglings on this model are also just cool.  The two on his shoulders are nestled in just like a cat does on a blanket.  Really cool and the guy drinking back juice is just nasty.   The green is a ork flesh followed by a top-down catachan green then rotting flesh.  This was washed in green, brown and black followed by a rotting flesh drybrush. 
I've also never painted rust and after seeing a lot of tutorials I just decided they were too hard or needed things I didn't have.  So I painted the whole barrel boltgun metal and then got to work.  I stippled on a dark brown, then a medium brown followed by a full wash of devlan mud.  I redid the medium brown and then made an orange out of blood red and sunburst yellow (all I really had).  I stippled this on in the raised areas and I was done.  Super easy!


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