Battle Report Section

I've created a new section for battle reports to sort and organize them as I post them.  It makes them a bit easier to find.  I know some people don't like the rehashed versions so I've sorted them into narratives and straight up reports.  The narrative ones are a nice little 5 minute read during your coffee break if you're interested :)

Do people prefer the narratives or the other style?  Are there any tips that would make these more enjoyable?  I'll pass them on to my friend who wrote more than half of these as well.


  1. A combination of the two maybe? In general I find narrative ones to be a bit long winded and vague but the ones you have on this site are very good reads! So definitely don't get rid of the narrative

  2. This organization is perfect. I really like this layout. You'll have to divulge how you did it next time we game/chat.

    I try my best to mix narrative and concise turning points together myself. And I'll usually embellish the action a little, even if some scouts really just showed up on Turn 4 to steal an objective, or a dreadnought goes down in one turn. Where's the fun in that?!


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