Narrative BatRep - The Assault on Shandahar Minor [Conclusion]

THE IMPERIUM "Brother Librarian, enemy Traitor reinforcements are have arrived. The left flank will not hold without further support."

"Confirmed. I will handle the matter. Squad Tiresais, you will embark in your Rhino and make way for the center of the Heretic defence. Squad Bertramus, move to the central area of the Guardsmen. You will turn aside all enemies and secure this area as our staging post." With several curt acknowledgements his sergeants obeyed. The distant rumble of the Rhino could be heard speeding away, deep into enemy territory.

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"The Orks have suffered heavy losses my Lord, they are naught but squabbling squads rampaging through their right flank. The lapdogs will have no issue with ending their filthy existence. We should concentrate on their left flank and push through to their staging area and take it from them, that will push them rearward."

"So you are a strategist now as well?! Leave the strategy to me and see that their accursed witchkin are killed. I will not be able to summon any powers from the warp should their psychic blockades hinder me. That and the winds on this planet carry with them death for any psyker who draws to deep from the well. Something the large one will soon realize if he does not slake his thirst for power....I like him." With that he let forth a bubbling laugh and turned his attentions to the rag tag group of scouts that were harrying his Havocs with their pitiful sniper fire. They had stopped. Not only had they stopped, they had disappeared all together, as if the shadows had swallowed them whole. A likely possibility given the nature of this planet. No matter, the lapdogs were making their attack, and he ordered his Havocs to destroy their meagre chariot, but before they could fire a single shot, darkness fell about them, as if some curtain of darkness had fell over the battlefield.
"What sorcery is this?!" he heard his Havoc sergeant utter.

"It is the planet itself, the warp energy is beginning to manifest here in ways that will be un-expected." We will need to re-adjust our tactics to compensate.


Before the Darkness fell about them, the Night Hawk Brother Librarian and his group of Psykers were about to solidify their defense on the left flank when overhead came a loud screaming sound and before they were able to react a hideous figure landed amongst burnt debris, stone flying in all directions. He stood, slowly, the look of malice upon his features turned the blood cold of the Brotherhood of Psykers within their chimera transport. But the Angel was with them, they would be safe.

"Brothers, attack the newcomer!" The Psykers began to chant their powerful spells but before they could send their ill will towards the jump pack equipped heretic, the side of the chimera exploded, shrapnel tearing through their bodies. The Terminators had joined the fray, and their autocannons easily decimated their precious protection, leaving them exposed.

"To me humans!" screamed the Night Hawk. The survivors gathered at the side of the Angel, and the hair stood on their necks as the felt his psychic energy gathering at this side. The debris around them began to lift from the ground and the winds gathered in intensity as a terrifying shriek erupted from the mouth of their ally, sending waves of power cascading towards the terminators and the chaos raptor lord. The terminators continued their slow advance, cackling as one of their number was shredded, the mist of his armor and ancient flesh now joined the winds that howled about them. The Night Hawk stood tall and beckoned to the Raptor Lord and his Terminator clad brethren. He knew without aid this stand would be futile...


"Rhino incoming, prepare to defend yourselves!!" The Rhino sped towards their precious objective, which their Lord had cruelly left in their care. This was a waste so far, but now that the fight had been brought to them, they were eager to battle. Elsewhere the sound of laughter carried on the winds.

"This will be the end of you witch!! The Raptor lord and his retinue had torn the human psykers apart, no match for the gene enhanced warriors. Their bodies lay rent on the ground, gashes cut into their bodies the size of which no man could survive. Some broken in half as easily as one would break a twig. The witch swung at him with his force axe shimmering in the darkness, but the Raptor Lord knew that his power was waning. If his Lord sensed their death on the winds then this was just the means to an end for this pitiful wretch. He brought his claws crossed in front of his chest, and fired his pack simultaneously, letting loose into the Librarian and smashing his armor and swinging his claws into a large 'X' across his frame. The Librarian fell, but his twin hearts kept beating, his body filling with stimulants allowing him to stand. "I leave this to you, I must turn my thoughts towards ending the Imperial resistance." With that simple statement he gunned his pack once more, heading straight into the heart of the Imperial defence. Power fists closing in slow motion, the three terminators strode towards the reeling Night Hawk.

"We will ensure there is nothing left for your precious Brothers to recover. Your legacy ends here, a wasted bloody mess, forgotten among the screaming winds of this hell hole." He brought his fist overhead, high, and brought it down, hard and fast. Suddenly without warning, the winds carried a new voice. The voice formed into a tempest and encircled the terminators, the cyclone built in intensity, the howl grew to a torrent of sound, not even the enhanced hearing of their physiques could make out anything. At the center of the tempest, strode the Terminator clad Raven Guard Librarian, his eyes ablaze with the power of the warp. "DESTROY HIM!!" It was useless, but the motion spoke for itself as the terminators charged towards him. He drew forth his Force Sword, its energy flaring to life, the power coming from the Raven Guard was all but deafening, drowning them in a sea of sorcery. The cyclone gathered over the Librarian, and as though there was a vacuum overhead, it blew straight into the psykers body, infusing his body with a strength and toughness they could not overcome. Every stroke of his sword brought death to a heretic, and within moments had claimed them all....

The Chaos Sorceror chuckled, he felt the warp energy buckle near the last location of the enemy witch. "Your time is here, and you have drunk too deeply, brother..." As if to punctuate that statement, their was a rising scream heard in the distance, as the winds took their due from the Librarian, and his body shimmered, then was lost to the warp with a blinding red light, where he stood, only his sword remained...


"Incoming enemy Raptor!!" The guardsmen called to one another, the calls going unheeded as the winds rising crescendo was now near impossible to communicate over. The Raptor landed several yards short of their staging post, choosing to run the last remaining distance. He tore into their lines, butchering them with impunity. Looking around he, saw nothing remaining, but his ears heard the whimpering of a lone soul nearby, and the hurried reloading of a lasgun. Rounding the corner of the barricades, he saw him. The last remaining Guardsmen. He fed energy into his Lightning claws and stalked towards him, like a predator, confident in the kill. He took on stride, then another, and one more would bring him over top his prey. He went to take that step but a hail of bolt shells impacted his side, sending him crashing to the ground. Half standing he fired his pack to survey beneath him. There he saw them, the last of the Raven Guard defence left here.

"Brother, please bring down our friend." A Brother stepped forward, upon his back sat the Cyclone Missile Launcher. His helmet optics compensated for all factors before taking the shot upwards. The missile streaked to the Raptor Lord, detonating with the fury of the very storm around them, sending the heretic crashing earthwards. His armor shattered as he landed, but he was not finished. The Raptor hauled himself upwards, and began running and loping towards them. Storm Bolters opened fire, taking the very flesh from his body but still he did not fall. Bertramus stepped forward and staggered his feet, his power sword felt weightless in his hands as he let it fall to his side. He would end this in one stroke, like the samurai of old. The Raptor Lord screamed and cursed the Emperor as he reached Bertramus, as he brought his claws down in a killing stroke, Bertramus sidestepped and brought forth his blade with all his strength, cleaving the lord through the midriff, his torso seperating from his body.


"My Lord, our forces on the...objective have been lost." The Ravens struck during the darkness, killing all the heretics after their blessed Rhino had weathered the storm from both the planet and the Havocs. "Sergeant Bertramus, this is Squad Tiresais. The objective is secure."

"Very well. What was it that the heretics wished to hold so dearly?"

"Sergeant, it's nothing. There is just an ancient weathered station, the interior of which looks to have been used by the Orks as a latrine of sorts. Its filled with their vile defecation and nothing more..." These last words stuck in Tiresais's throat, as he realized this was just a game to the Heretics. Another reason to spill their blood in the name of their perverse god. And it had cost them dearly to trade blows on Shandahar these last days...

The winds began to die, and with them the Sorceror recovered what remained of his warband, laughing gleefully. His God Slaneesh was pleased. This had brought them untold pleasure. By now the pitiful Space Marines had discovered the true nature of his precious "relic" that had brought them here. What a wonderful thought, they had lost dearly today, despite being in control of the battle. The Orks were a welcome twist, bringing his perverse machinations to even greater heights. The fools of the Emperor, forever doomed to follow along their righteous path, when all around them the winds herald their coming end.



Holding both Primary Objectives - 6 [x1 Guardsman on Home x8 Tac Marines on Enemy]
First Blood - 1 [Battlewagon, destroyed by Manticore]
Linebreaker - 1 [Tac Squad]


Slay the Warlord - 1 [Librarian Slain by Warp Winds Special Rule]


Mission: The Emperors Will w/ Dawn of War Deployment
Battle Report written by DMielken @


  1. Awesome stuff! I love this sort of batrep - the narrative aspect is the part of the game I enjoy the most, good to see others with the same outlook!

  2. Who writes this rubbish?! ;) Those perverted, twisted Slaaneshies coming all this way for some Ork stool. Such an anti-climatic death scene for that poor RG Libby too! Gotta love the creative license for turning Iron Arm into Cyclone Wind Arm....:P

    1. Lol that poor libby destroyed a lot of stuff before succuming to his own failed soul.


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