Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Keeping Motivated

Keeping motivated

It sounds like you shouldn't need to have to work at this hobby but sometimes I definately feel that's the case.  I think the real issue is most of us no longer paint models we paint armies.  This means we end up painting units we don't really want to paint but *need* to paint.  Like troop choices.  How excited are you when you get a shiny new tank, HQ or elite unit?  I bet you paint that a lot faster than your 30th tactical marine or worse 100th ork boy/guardsman.

I've recently hit that wall again.  This happens every so often and usually the cure is to stop painting whatever it is I'm staring at and move on to something else that actually excites me in the now.

I've got grand plans currently with my CSM/Loyalist force and creating a company from it.  Know how many marines I have right now?  Five.

That's so depressing!  Now the reason I'm stuck on these guys is because I really wanted to make 5 plasma cannon devestators.  But after some thought and playtesting to see what's in my local meta, I just don't think they'll make much play on the table top which is really depressing.  There's nothing worse than slaving away on models so that they can be put into a case and hidden under the bed (just ask my Sanguinary Guard).

I think no matter what you'll have to cross the bridge of chore units every once and a while and working with a reward system can definately help.  Let yourself finish an HQ unit only after finishing that Tac squad.  Design an army list that uses that unit as a focal point to entice you.  Batch paint so that you can see an end.  Take pictures and share with the world!  I find doing this is a huge motivator and you really learn from it.  Taking pictures also highlights all of the flaws in your painting so you have something to work toward.  Finally, don't buy too much.  I've gone a little overboard in the last few months and have so much  junk all over my desk it is overwhelming.  I think it's pretty common for us hobbyists to jump all over the place and end up with tons of either unbuilt or built models just waiting for paint.  Setting goals of no unpainted models in your games can also help (even if this is just a gentlemen's rule and not strictly enforced).

In fact I think I'll clean up tonight and leave myself with nothing but the 1/2 done unit I need to finish and a few good episodes of the Sopranos.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

[Bat Rep] Night Hawks vs. CSM (Narrative)

The Battle for Drovesmirth
The Night Hawks face off against the worshippers of Khorne
My first attempt at a narrative battle report; hold on!

Night Hawks:
Captain on bike, power fist, relic armour
2x 5 man bike squads, 2x melta, multimelta
5 man scout squad
Land Speeder Storm
2x Land Speeder Typhoon
Land Speeder w/ two heavy bolters
Land Raider Achilles

Narative Apocalypse Battle Ideas

Shameless plug for the Space Wolves....
I’m trying to polish up a semi narrative Apocalypse game I want to host at the end of August.  I’m going to have somewhere around 5 to 7 players as detailed below.  I really am striving to come up with fun things (our last game, the first of its kind I ran was one of the most fun games I've played in 40k) and I really would like to share with people how you can make fluffy/narative games that are still competative and unique.  I mean really some of these might be a bit unbalanced (and I'm not sure how the loyalist forces will ever get the objective back to their base) but it will be fun to play out and the ravenguard player with literally twice the forces of everyone else will sure give his all to try!  My friend is fluffing out a bit more of the stuff and when we come to a final agreement we'll be ready to play!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Emerald Fists PIP

I'm in the middle of painting up a dev squad in my Emerald Fist colour scheme.  I had 15 dudes (these and 10 assault marines) base coated but when I started doing the accent colours I got lazy and wanted faster unit completion and dumped them.  Anyway this is the in progress shot.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Narrative Batrep - The Assault on Shandahar Minor Part One

The Battlefield of Shandahar

Shandahar Minor has come under attack from the traitor legions, resistance is to too great to maintain foothold. This is a request for any available Astartes in the Shandahar sub sector to re-route to the following coordinates for immediate aid. The Emperor Protects.


Friday, 20 July 2012

Painted IG Hydra Conversion

With the introduction of fliers and allies to 40k I thought it was about time to finish my Hydra conversion so I sat down and painted it up.  I've left the turret removable so that it can still function as a chimera when required.  After playesting some games with artillery-like units I think I've decided that heavy bolters are way better now in contrast to the heavy flamer.  Not being able to snap fire it doesn't help.  Sadly I glued these on! 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The new power of ordnance/blasts

I wanted to share what I learned today.  I played 3 1000 point games against CSM, SM and orks and the new rules for ordnance/blast not suffering partials is a huge boost.  I ran a manticore and against the SM player, I barraged a pred and rhino and destroyed them on turn 1 with the same shot and against the ork player I killed 2 battlewagons turn 1 with the same manticore. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Painted Set-back Chimera

I finished painting my chimera this week for a tournament I'm going to play in tomorrow (just 1000 points). It should be super fun! The funny thing is I finished this up last night and put the decals on this morning only to decide not to even bring it in my army. Oh well at least it's done! It was on my painting shelf for probably a year. The model itself was converted so that the turret is further back on the hull. I really like this aesthetic better than the GW standard.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

PIP converted Hydra and Chimera for Tournament

I haven't posted any real hobby items in about two weeks and although I was working on stuff, I promise, none of it was worthy of showing.  I've managed to clean and prep a dev squad and an assault squad and cast a crap ton of shoulder pads (devestator, tac, assault and crimson fist) and then prime and base coat them up to a light cream (wych flesh?). 

Friday, 6 July 2012

1000 Point Psyker BA/IG List for Tournament

Anyone like list building?  Want to critique this?  I'm hosting a little 4 player 1000 point round robin tournament next weekend and while it won't be a super competative event, no one playing wants to lose!  Table will be 4x4, 6ed rules and must be painted.  I'm pretty happy with the basic 'feel' of this list I think but any minor changes or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  The units are basically revolving around the psyker battlesquad's weaken resolve ability to force woulds with telepathy abilities on the primaris and librarian

Forge World 6th Ed PDF Updates!

Get 'em while they're hot!

Forge world has updated the vehicle profiles for most of the IA vehicles (that I can tell) and also the apocalypse rules for super heavies.

My favourite changes are the mortis contemptor gets skyfire when stationary (which is sweet as I can take some marine anti air now) and the dreadclaw has fly/hover/assault vehicle and nurgle blight drones are now fliers with hover.  Win win everywhere!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

First Battle and 6th ed Thoughts

I played my first game of 6th last night:

1500 points Orks vs Blood Angels
Warboss on Bike
6 meganobs
5ish ork bikes
two trukk squads
battle wagon with deff rolla
2 3-man copta squads with missiles


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