[Bat Rep] Night Hawks vs. CSM (Narrative)

The Battle for Drovesmirth
The Night Hawks face off against the worshippers of Khorne
My first attempt at a narrative battle report; hold on!

Night Hawks:
Captain on bike, power fist, relic armour
2x 5 man bike squads, 2x melta, multimelta
5 man scout squad
Land Speeder Storm
2x Land Speeder Typhoon
Land Speeder w/ two heavy bolters
Land Raider Achilles

Chaos Forces:
Lord w/ jump pack and force axe
4x five man squads w/ plasma gun
9 Thousand Sons w/ rhino
Bastion with autocannon
Havok team
2x obliterators
Daemon allies:
Blood Thirster of Khorne
10 Bloodletters of Khorne

The Night Hawks utilize pattern Gamma Alpha
"Sgt. Arkavius pull your squad to the east and flank these hellspawn" shouted Captain Thule.  "Squad Thorus flank to the west with Argonought support, I'm going up the middle and we'll spread their fire".  The Night Hawks sped quickly apart in an effort to confuse the chaos fire teams and prevent them from firing.

Sgt. Arkavius quickly throttled up and moved his squad beneath the abandoned landing platform while the western flank roared away in the opposite direction.  Streams of dust trailed across the plateau as two of the heretics were outright destroyed by krak missiles from the Typhoons.
"May your arrows fly true" crackled the vox with the slighly inhuman voice of Techmarine Markus piloting one of the Argonauts.

The venerable land raider lurched forward screening the Captain and his command squad from incoming fire from the bastion.  Autocannon rounds soared past seemingly missing their target only to obliterate the Argonaut along the eastern flank.  The two vital signs from the crew remained dim on his visor - a good sign.

Lord Kroxis' last breaths
Foooosh - A plasma round erupted from behind nearby ruins and punched a hole through sgt. Thorus before a large cloud of exhaust as dark as night followed a screaming traitor from behind the debris.  "FILTH" - the giant of man gurgled through his vox grill as he charged into squad Thorus.  Bother Ramiel landed a dolorous blow to the lunatic before being decapitated in turn buy the power axe.  Two more battle brothers were torn apart before the glowing weapon fizzled out and the lord was brought down.  "We've lost the sgt. sir".

"In death we serve" the Captain responded before offering a curt nod from across the plains, perhaps the brother's eyesight noticed the acknowledgement of killing the traitorous leader.  "Where one falls another is quick to take arms, be vigilant brothers".

Sgt. Arkavius charging into the remaining daemon horde
Rippling through the air as if the surface had become to hot to contain itself, the sky parted and hellish horned beasts walked through behind the eastern flank.  "Captain I'll handle those.  Scouts on me" Sgt. Arkavius ordered as he turned his bikes around.  A torrent of bolter fire was unleashed as the Nighthawks crashed into the tide of death erupting from the immaterium.  The tide continued to come however parted by the onslaught.  Swinging blades of incorporeal material they cut through the adamantium of their power armour encased hate.  Chainblades raised the last of the daemons were banished but at a steep cost with only one battle brother escaping the murderous rampage.

"Regroup on my coordinates!" the captain shouted over his vox.  His flanks were holding but a battle of attrition was not what he'd envisioned.  As the land raider continued to pound away at distant targets the captain and his command squad surrounded the traitor rhino.  With out hesitation the captain punched through the side of the deathbox and ripped a fuel line.  An instant later the rhino stuttered to a stop and cracked.  As smoke began to billow the thousand son cult jumped clear while firing their bolters as if possessed.  As if triggered by the explosion a large boom nova'd through the air to the captains right.

"Blood for the blood god!"  roared the largest daemon the captain had seen in his 200 years of service to the Emperor.
Wasting no time the captain and his squad unleashed their plasma rounds into the automatons and charged running them down.  A hail of bolt rounds peppered his squad to no effect.  His runic armour proving impervious to their traitorous hailstorm.

Always buy the dozer blade for a 300+ point tank...
"Sir we seem to have slipped a track.  The omnisiah scorns us.  We will do out best to provide support."  Brother Amalon said hesitantly.  Whether he was ashamed of letting down the captain or the machine god was not apparent in his voice.

The Typhoons continued to rain death upon the enemy from the far west flank while the remaining members of the eastern flank held strong.  The captain, now surrounded and alone in the centre of the maelstrom was finally to confront the blood letter.
"SKULLS" it bellowed, loud enough that the captains autosenses shut down to prevent damage to his ears.  As it swooped in it picked up two of the veteran battle brothers and crushed them limp.  As his squad was torn asunder the captain realised the only hope was to lure the daemon into the line of fire from his support.  "I will know no fear" he gritted as he spun around on his bike.  "We will return for you brothers" he whispered.

"DEATH" the daemon thundered over the swooping of its wings as the captain baited him into range of the typhoons. 

"NOW!  Hold back for nothing" he pinned his engines and veered left as the glistening hellblade clipped his pauldron.  Ordnance soared across the battlefield until the barrels of the Achilles glowed red.  The blood letter stammered and fell as it dissolved into a pile of ichor staining the ground.


We ended up having to actually end the game at turn 5 as it was getting late.  We rolled and a turn 6 was inevitable but we didn't have time.  My Captain had fled off the table edge after his squad died (he refused to fight the challenge).  I won though with my fast attack (yay mission) holding 3 objectives while he held none.  That blood thirster actually suffered zero wounds.  What a truck...


  1. Good job and crisp pictures, too bad about the Achilles getting stuck. However since the Bloodthirster remains unpainted after so much time, that's another -1 to his score ;)

    1. Had his blood thirster arrived turn 1 instead of turn 3 it would have been a different game. Flying MC's are tough as nails. I think the game was 9-3 for me when he left but likely would have been 9-6 for me if we played a sixth turn (and maybe 7-6 for him if we played 7)


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