1000 Point Psyker BA/IG List for Tournament

Anyone like list building?  Want to critique this?  I'm hosting a little 4 player 1000 point round robin tournament next weekend and while it won't be a super competative event, no one playing wants to lose!  Table will be 4x4, 6ed rules and must be painted.  I'm pretty happy with the basic 'feel' of this list I think but any minor changes or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  The units are basically revolving around the psyker battlesquad's weaken resolve ability to force woulds with telepathy abilities on the primaris and librarian

Primaris Psyker
Psyker Battlesquad in chimera
5 assault marines in razorback w/ TL heavy flamer
5 scout snipers
Chimera, Vets, autocannon and 3 melta
Assault drop pod - whatever this is called from forge world

A few things I wasn't sure on was if the razorback should just be a rhino, maybe shooting out the firepoint would be worth more than the heavy flamer.  I have points to spare in this set up (I think 30 or so with what's listed above).  The librarian would probably end up in the razorback and the primaris in the chimera with the battlesquad.   Should my furioso be claws or fists?

I'm expecting to face SM, CSM and orks.  Probably only a single storm talon in the SM list, lots of devs, havoks, terminators, khorne beserkers, mega armoured nobs, truck boyz, ork bikes/copters and assault marines.  

Basically they all play some pretty fast stuff except the marine player who will probably castle up with thunderfire/dreadnought/devs.  I think the above list will give me a pretty decent all around list.  I'll probably sit back and wait to dominate the 12-24" range on the CSM and Ork player yet go and assault the SM guy. 

What's everyone think?  At 1000 points I have quite a few different types of units so it should be fun.  I'm also trying to limit how much I need to paint in a week (this list will just be the hydra and a chimera).

EDIT:  !

Updated list

Primaris Psyker
Psyker battle squad - chimera w/ heavy flamer/multilaser

Scout snipers
Platoon command squad
10 guard w/ flamer
10 guard w/ flamer
10 Vets w/ 2 melta, chimera w/ heavy flamer/multilaser

Hydra w/ heavy flamer
Mortis Pattern Dreadnought with TL autocannons

I think this new IG list with allies will work a lot better.  I'm really looking for the psyker feel but am limited to a single primaris/battlesquad. 


  1. So I discovered that you can't used the lucious pattern drop pod with blood angels and I don't currently have any painted tac marines or enough scouts to pull off a generic SM list. In lieu of this I'm going to swap out the furioso, drop pod and assault marines for a mortis pattern dreadnought (TL auto cannons), marbo and a platoon of guardsmen.

    1. This brings me up to 52 infantry models which is probably better, 2 anti air units and marbo. You can't go wrong with marbo.

  2. What models do you have available? Its hard to really give advice if something is suggested and you don't have it.

    Looking at your basic list, its a decent amount of stuff for 2k, but as you mention you lack bodies. I'd drop the Scouts, they aren't going to do much really. I'd also drop the Razorback and bump up the Assault Marines to full strength, add a powerfist Sarge and two meltaguns (to give it real teeth and some staying power). The Veterans are fine. Upgrade the Furioso to a Librarian Dreadnought (drop the Lucius-pattern drop pod). Drop the Hydra as well, Skyfire makes it pretty gimped against anything but flyers.

    What gear/powers are you giving the Librarian? Unleash Rage is pretty sweet, as is Sanguine Sword (for nuking enemy characters/multi-wound models and vehicles). I'd also give him a jump pack, now that you've taken out the Razorback, to keep up with the Assault Marines. If you do wanna swap out, go for Biomancy, as he needs some buffs to kill enemy characters before they kill him.

    Primaris Psyker+PSB is a pretty good combo at this point level. Just be aware that they will garner a lot of attention, as people do know what they are capable of. Good for steering Nob Bikers etc away from areas in your lines.

    1. That's all a 1000 point list. I should have clarified a bit more. I do have pretty much all things imaginable for both IG and marines, just lacking in troops since I always went assault marines for BA or loganwing terminators. The suggetion you've made though doesn't let me play both IG and marines since you need two troops in the main list. Anyway I guess I should have updated the original since I've redesigned it a bit. Above I list out that it is going to be an IG list with marine allies. That way I can have the mortis dread which is ace at both air and ground. The reason behind the hydra was due to the expected fliers, maybe flying daemon prince, lots of bikes, jetbikes and speeders. I think for 75 points it's a steal. And for bodies my new list is 55ish infantry :)

      Do you think swapping out for biomancy with a BA librarian is ever a good idea? The strength 10 seems so good and never worth dropping for anything else.

      I was also thinking of taking a librarian dread in that other list but I've not tried one before. Have you had good luck with one? Anyway thanks for your advice. I always say even if it isn't followed it stimulates further though. Thanks again.


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