Painted Set-back Chimera

I finished painting my chimera this week for a tournament I'm going to play in tomorrow (just 1000 points). It should be super fun! The funny thing is I finished this up last night and put the decals on this morning only to decide not to even bring it in my army. Oh well at least it's done! It was on my painting shelf for probably a year. The model itself was converted so that the turret is further back on the hull. I really like this aesthetic better than the GW standard.

To paint it the whole thing was primed with Krylon camo brown then basecoated with a lot of graveyard earth.  You can't really make it out on the two top pictures with this lighting but there is a 50/50 khemri brown/dhenab stone camo pattern applied.  I wanted it to be pretty subtle and after I was done it was (maybe too much so).  Maybe you can see it running diagonally from top left to bottom right on this photo?
 I washed it with an airgun application of devlan and then highlighted with dhenab stone.  The wear and tear is sponged on granite.
The turret is removable and so is the main weapon.  I have a manticore turret that will drop in there too for whenever that may come up.  The tracks were painted with an airbrush at the end of the model, first chaos black, then scorched brown followed by snakebite leather.  One more of these hulls to go for now (a hydra).  I also have a sale pending for 2 of these (unpainted) since I decided to not 'play' guard fully anymore.  Just use them as allies so I won't need six chimeras for anything I'd want to do.  Still have one more left though which I'll probably sell.  I actually decided to part out most of my IG army which should fund my chaos adventures.


  1. That really looks great - I've long been a fan of the set-back style Chimera. Beautiful paint job as well! Keep up the great work!

    1. Aren't your chimeras set back too? Oh yeah I forgot you used an upgrade kit. I remember debating that but was too cheap to buy them! I do like how yours look though, the turret is more nice.

    2. I've done a bit of both. The earlier ones I did were converted from the normal kit and some plasticard, while the newer ones were an upgrade kit from Machinator over at Blood and Skulls industry. I do like the firing ports on the kit, but I have to say just sawing up and kitbashing a normal chimera was more fun to build. :)


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