Narative Apocalypse Battle Ideas

Shameless plug for the Space Wolves....
I’m trying to polish up a semi narrative Apocalypse game I want to host at the end of August.  I’m going to have somewhere around 5 to 7 players as detailed below.  I really am striving to come up with fun things (our last game, the first of its kind I ran was one of the most fun games I've played in 40k) and I really would like to share with people how you can make fluffy/narative games that are still competative and unique.  I mean really some of these might be a bit unbalanced (and I'm not sure how the loyalist forces will ever get the objective back to their base) but it will be fun to play out and the ravenguard player with literally twice the forces of everyone else will sure give his all to try!  My friend is fluffing out a bit more of the stuff and when we come to a final agreement we'll be ready to play!

Their army special rules are as follows:

The Raven Guard - Darkness There and Nothing More
The Raven Guard are well known to be masters of sabotage and stealth. Seemingly disappearing from where many previously stood. To reflect this, once per game the Raven Guard player may re-deploy any/all units 6" from their current position. If this unit has the objective, it will count towards movement in the following movement phase.

The Imperial Guard - Sacrifice is All the Emperor Asks
The Imperial Guard are known to be warriors of attrition. Their pounding guns heralding the coming of mass destruction and death to all, regardless of their allegiance in some circumstances, for to sacrifice in the Emperor's name, is the greatest of all. In this game, Imperial Guard Ordnance is not affected by the "no friendly models' clause when targeting enemy units.

Orks - Orks Don't Have Time for Games, They Prefer Enemies
Orks are known to be the largest group of ramshackle warriors in the galaxy. They spend every waking moment, from their birth from spores to fighting over latrine pits battling for supremacy.  To cross an ork is to invite their supreme wrath.  In this game, all Codex: Orks units have the Preferred Enemy (Space Marine) special rule.

Nighthawks - Pathfinders and Easy Riders
The Nighthawks chapter is steeped in a rich history of the most agile of warriors. Being bred for the saddle of the warbike, their Battle Brothers frequently are said to be the greatest of riders in the Imperium, some say even better than those of the White Scars chapter. In this game, all Nighthawks have the Move Through Cover and Skilled Rider special rules.

Chaos - Where Once was Naught, Now Stands Death
The denizens of Chaos are a cunning lot, able to bring down mass amounts of troops into places where there was seemingly nothing before. Using the warp as their gates, the forces of Chaos have perfected the art of arriving on the battlefield precisely where they are needed. All Codex: Chaos Space Marines that do not bear the title of Night Lord scatter only 1D6 when arriving via deepstrike, starting on Turn 2, following all the normal rules for Deep Striking units.

Night Lords - "We Stand in Midnight Clad"
Night Lords are the epitome of using Fear and confusion where ever they strike. Striking from the softer points in an enemy's defense, they often storm the flanks, arriving precisely where they will sow the most fear and confusion. All Night Lords have the Outflank and Acute Senses special rules.

Dark Eldar - The Evil, The Bad, and The Perverted
Famous through the galaxy as being merciless killers with a penchant for personal torture, Dark Eldar battle with a crazed lust for death around them, wanting to touch Death with every kill. For this reason, every time a Dark Eldar unit wins a combat, roll a D6. On a 4+, the unit gains the Crusader special rule until the end of that turns Assault Phase. On a 3 or less, they gain no benefit as they are too enraptured by the thrill of the kill.

The mission will be played on a 4 x 8’ table with deployment along the short table edges. With deployment as follows:

Imperial Guard (1500 points):: deployed within a fortress 2’ from one short table edge.

Raven Guard (4000 points): deployed within 2’ from the opposite table edge

Night Hawks (2000 points):, Orks (2000 points):  – enter play from the short table edge flanking the RavenGuard

Chaos (1500 points): enter from deepstrike

Dark Eldar (500 points): /Night Lords (1500 points):: outflank along long table edges

Win conditions:

Imperial Guard/Raven Guard – Get the objective to within the base walls

Chaos/Night Hawks/Orks – steal the objective and escape at a table edge 24” away from the point of capture

Dark Eldar/Night Lords – Kill the objective

Objective – initially in the possession of the Raven Guard.  The objective is a 3 wound T3 inquisitor (with no special rules).  He is sedated and can be carried by any infantry and within a vehicle (not bound by transport capacity).  He is in rough shape and can’t be moved more than 12” in any direction per turn. This includes consolidation, fall back etc.  If movement forces such movement he is dropped lest he be wounded.

Raven Guard forces have infiltrated an Ork stronghold and rescued an Inquisitor who has with him a long lost piece of Archeotech and he is the only one alive who knows how to enact its use. The missions for each army are as follows:
The Raven Guard: Secure the Inquisitors escape to the Skyshield Landing Pad where off world transport awaits.
The Imperial Guard: Secure the Landing Pad and provide fire support to the Raven Guard.
The Orks: Retrieve that which was stolen. The Meks want that archeotech and the Dok's know how to get the info from him.
The Night Hawk: The Inquisitor is tainted and touched by Chaos, unbeknownst to the Raven's who secure his flight. They must also be succumbing to his will and as such must be purged.
The Chaos Marines: They know where the Inquisitors mind has strayed, and want his knowledge and the power he possesses for themselves.
The Night Lords: The Night Lords know the true power of the device and will stop at nothing to destroy it.
The Dark Eldar: The elder wish for nothing more than to bask in the suffering of the forces deployed planetside.  Destroying the inquisitor will create sorrow throughout the forces deployed as they are faced with failure (or a large angry warboss).

 Should either the CSM, Night Hawks or Orks gain possession of the objective, they will forfeit their ‘alliance’ and become enemies.  Should the Dark Eldar or Night Lords destroy the objective the Chaos forces/orks/dark elder will form a new allegiance while the Emperors forces form another.