PIP converted Hydra and Chimera for Tournament

I haven't posted any real hobby items in about two weeks and although I was working on stuff, I promise, none of it was worthy of showing.  I've managed to clean and prep a dev squad and an assault squad and cast a crap ton of shoulder pads (devestator, tac, assault and crimson fist) and then prime and base coat them up to a light cream (wych flesh?). 

Anyway with my basement 4 man tournament only a week away the pressure is on!  I'm tinkering away at these a bit each day so I'm sure I'll have them done on time.  Today I spent 8 hours in the backyard putting in a flagstone walk which was really a worse hobby than painting tanks.

It's hard to make out in the photos but I wanted a subtle camo to the tanks so that they didn't look too bland.  The tanks are based graveyard earth then the camo was a layer of khemri brown followed by a 50/50 khemri/dhenab stone.  I washed the whole thing with devlan mud then drybrushed dhenab stone afterward.  Its the dusty look I was going for.  I suppose it doesn't make much sense why my dudes have dark green armour  but I thought a fully monochrome army would look boring (and I have enough marines haha).

I was planning to sell my entire IG army as they just weren't that fun to play.  I didn't like zooming up to melta and then lose a bunch of guys.  I also didn't like the blob and then losing in assault.  With the new allies rules though I think I will have tons of fun with them.  I've always liked the IG tanks but wanted something a bit more rugged.  Playing an IG army with allies or marines with IG will be pretty fun though and opens up so many possibilities I won't get bored with them.  I'll probably sell off a few of the odd items like sentinels, maybe a vet squad or two, a couple chimera and maybe the ogryn but I'll probably keep everything else. 

Here's a shot of my full army for next weekend (the two tan tanks are of course a WIP).  I can't believe I get all of this at 1000 points!!

Final list:

Primaris Psyker
Psyker Battle Squad, chimera
Sniper scouts
Vets, chimera, 2 melta
Platoon Command Squad
2x 10 man squads w/ flamer
Mortis Dreadnought w/ TL autocannons

12 units, 52 infantry and four vehicles to move around at 1000 points should be pretty fun and this will be my first game(s) with allies.  It will also be my first game with the new psychic powers so it should be all around pretty sweet.