Keeping Motivated

Keeping motivated

It sounds like you shouldn't need to have to work at this hobby but sometimes I definately feel that's the case.  I think the real issue is most of us no longer paint models we paint armies.  This means we end up painting units we don't really want to paint but *need* to paint.  Like troop choices.  How excited are you when you get a shiny new tank, HQ or elite unit?  I bet you paint that a lot faster than your 30th tactical marine or worse 100th ork boy/guardsman.

I've recently hit that wall again.  This happens every so often and usually the cure is to stop painting whatever it is I'm staring at and move on to something else that actually excites me in the now.

I've got grand plans currently with my CSM/Loyalist force and creating a company from it.  Know how many marines I have right now?  Five.

That's so depressing!  Now the reason I'm stuck on these guys is because I really wanted to make 5 plasma cannon devestators.  But after some thought and playtesting to see what's in my local meta, I just don't think they'll make much play on the table top which is really depressing.  There's nothing worse than slaving away on models so that they can be put into a case and hidden under the bed (just ask my Sanguinary Guard).

I think no matter what you'll have to cross the bridge of chore units every once and a while and working with a reward system can definately help.  Let yourself finish an HQ unit only after finishing that Tac squad.  Design an army list that uses that unit as a focal point to entice you.  Batch paint so that you can see an end.  Take pictures and share with the world!  I find doing this is a huge motivator and you really learn from it.  Taking pictures also highlights all of the flaws in your painting so you have something to work toward.  Finally, don't buy too much.  I've gone a little overboard in the last few months and have so much  junk all over my desk it is overwhelming.  I think it's pretty common for us hobbyists to jump all over the place and end up with tons of either unbuilt or built models just waiting for paint.  Setting goals of no unpainted models in your games can also help (even if this is just a gentlemen's rule and not strictly enforced).

In fact I think I'll clean up tonight and leave myself with nothing but the 1/2 done unit I need to finish and a few good episodes of the Sopranos.


  1. I hear what you're saying, I'm pretty sure all hobbyists do. The blog is one of the better motivators since it gives you the opportunity to share your work, rather than spend alot of time painting up a squad just to hide them in a ruin the next evening in a game :)

    Your system of reward after completion is good, though sometimes I catch myself rushing just to get to that reward ;)

    1. Nah I don't think I've seen you rush anything. It's probably all in your head.

      Speaking of hiding models after painting them - manticore? Lol.

      I think after I finish my devs I should do the assault squad that's half done. Then I'll start working on my Chaos daemon allies. I really want to paint that stuff (mamon, plague hulk, blight drone etc.) so I'll probably start with mamon and 10 nurgle troops (new plastic) so that they're a legal ally detatchment.


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