Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Vindicare Assassin - X-men style

Since I can't post any new pictures I dug around my old ones and found this guy I painted in 2008 for a friend.  I'm not much of a bright colour guy but used this as an excuse to try painting yellow for the first time.  I've come a long way (I hope) but still like this guy's colour scheme.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Land Raider Achilles Conversion WIP

Here's a WIP of my Land Raider Achilles.  I will be using this with my Night Hawks (as per the fluff).  Anyway you can see I have removed the front assault ramp and replaced it with a mural from chapterhouse.  The front includes a rhino panel which ties it in well with the other 40k vehicles.  I added a shadowsword megablaster to the front to count as the thunderfire.  With that gun's ability to put out tons of hits with blast templates, I think the gatlin will be suitable.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

MDF Terrain Ideas

I'd never heard of this stuff before and by chance I stumbled across a couple sites.  It all seems to have been coming out recently as in winter 2011.  I'm REALLY leaning toward buying a bunch. The table edge fortress with maybe an extension seems like an amazing deal and nice way to run Apocalypse games thematically.

http://www.warmill.co.uk/Barricade_Syst ... 67910.aspx


All of the hab blocks/tanks/containers etc. are also great LOS blocking items which seem to be lacking on most tables. They also look pretty easy to balance models on top of so were obviously designed with gaming in mind. Running a bunch of this stuff as removable AV10 terrain seems like a pretty fun idea. No lines of fire? Boom. Wide open! 

I'm not giving a review though as I haven't seen any of this in the flesh.  Once I buy some (still up in the air which company) I'll post my results.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dystopian Wars - EotBS Starter PIP

Here are the land ships from my starter box for the EotBS.  I've primed, base coated with khemri brown, top down air brushed some dheneb stone and done the floor boards with graveyard earth.  I think I'll do all of the metalic highlights, and basically finish off most of the ship before doing a wash in greysephone and another highlight of dheneb.  These are the lightest models I've ever painted so it's interesting for me.  Usually I'm all about the dark tones.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Random Status Update

So I haven't posted in a while since I don't have a camera at the moment. I've been doing hobby things though! Actually lots of playing. Three games or so of Dystopian wars (they're really long) and 3 or 4 40k games this month. That's a lot for me.

Anyway I have made progress on my landspeeder, it's currently primed/highlighted and now I'm touching up the scouts inside before the airbrush does a wash on it. All of the details still need to be picked out but I could probably buckle down and finish it in two evenings if I set my mind to it. Mabye this weekend.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Truvel XI - Night Hawks Fiction Part 1

In an attept to expand on the backstory I'd presented here I've started a short story.  No idea when I'll finish it but here's Part 1.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dystopian Wars - KoB Dreadnought

Thought I'd share my latest model to be painted.  A KoB Dreadnought.  For those of you that haven't played I'd put it on par with a baneblade in relation to the other units for power.  It dominates the high seas.  This was sitting on my desk for perhaps 6 months (I can't remember when it was released) but having two friends jump in and wanting to play this game motivated me to get this guy on the table (or ocean). 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

42nd Heavy Weapons Detatchment (Painting)

These are my four heavy weapon teams.  They get broken up frequently to lend their fire power to individual troop squads.  I  made the heavy weapon base without the second soldier and just place a loose guardsman on top.  This has the ability to easily mark wounds without having to have dice follow the squad around and looks better.  Another plus of this is you end up with another painted guardsman if you're making normal squads without heavy weapons.  I really tried to put scenery on these so they didn't look as bland as the bog standard guy on a tripod.  I wanted it to look like somewhere you may actually hide for cover.

Friday, 3 February 2012

3rd Company 3nd Veteran Squad (Painting)

Here's the third and final veteran squad (not everyone in an army can be a veteran!).  Next I'll show some heavy weapons I'd put together and make an attept to further some projects I'm 1/2 started including my Custodians, 10 bikes, land speeder storm and 10 Dystopian Wars boats.
These guys show off the bolter-shotguns better than the last two groups I think. I took a bolter, shaved off the clip area so it look like it had just a pump, took off the aiming parts and boom. Home-defender shotgun. I also put hair on the bald guy since I thought he looked a bit odd without it. A stipple of browns and voila!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

3rd Company 2nd Veteran Squad (Painting)

Here's the second batch of veterans for the army.  The heavy weapon gunner on the far right is my counts-as Sgt. Harker if and when I need one.  Again, the normal Sergeants all have the gorget attached around their necks.  My vets have a mix of shotguns that I made from bolters and normal las guns if you look across the 3 squads.  I'll try to post another tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

3rd Company 1st Veteran Squad (Painting)

I'm going to roll out my three Veteran Squads over the next couple days.  These guys all have chimeras but they're very much in progress painting (by that I mean primed, based and on a shelf collecting dust).  I really like the tank heavy army but I just haven't been motivated to paint them for some reason.  Maybe it's because they look near complete with just the basecoat :)  I have 5 chimera, 2 leman russ and my basilisk and macharius to paint with no hope of progress any time soon.  My inner marine just hasn't let me recently and the guard haven't been out of box for 4 months or so.  I obviously just need more games!


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