3rd Company 3nd Veteran Squad (Painting)

Here's the third and final veteran squad (not everyone in an army can be a veteran!).  Next I'll show some heavy weapons I'd put together and make an attept to further some projects I'm 1/2 started including my Custodians, 10 bikes, land speeder storm and 10 Dystopian Wars boats.
These guys show off the bolter-shotguns better than the last two groups I think. I took a bolter, shaved off the clip area so it look like it had just a pump, took off the aiming parts and boom. Home-defender shotgun. I also put hair on the bald guy since I thought he looked a bit odd without it. A stipple of browns and voila!


  1. Great job here! I just have to ask, what colors did you use for the armor and underclothes? This paint scheme is amazing but I cant seem to replicate it accurately.

    1. The fatigues are khemri brown and the armour plating is charadon granite. The entire model is dry brushed with denab stone and devlan mud washed. The armour is then washed with badab black. So since these were done with the older paints you might hav a hard time matching exactly. Anyway the whole thing is pretty simple. It's all about the wash and the dhenab stone.

    2. Thanks for your quick reply! These are without a doubt the best colored guard I have seen, excited to get to painting. Keep up the good work with the blog!

    3. Colour choice is a very personal thing. Glad you like this one and best of luck.


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