3rd Company 1st Veteran Squad (Painting)

I'm going to roll out my three Veteran Squads over the next couple days.  These guys all have chimeras but they're very much in progress painting (by that I mean primed, based and on a shelf collecting dust).  I really like the tank heavy army but I just haven't been motivated to paint them for some reason.  Maybe it's because they look near complete with just the basecoat :)  I have 5 chimera, 2 leman russ and my basilisk and macharius to paint with no hope of progress any time soon.  My inner marine just hasn't let me recently and the guard haven't been out of box for 4 months or so.  I obviously just need more games!
I tried to put a variety of skin tones in here since I would assume gathering an army from all across a planet would introduce many racial traits. I've heard comments before that the guardsmen are very clearly anglo-saxxan in features but I wouldn't presume to know what genetic history people of a planet 40,000 years from now possess!

I also placed a kroot shoulder pad on each of the sergeants throughout the army to help set them apart from their charges.