Dystopian Wars - KoB Dreadnought

Thought I'd share my latest model to be painted.  A KoB Dreadnought.  For those of you that haven't played I'd put it on par with a baneblade in relation to the other units for power.  It dominates the high seas.  This was sitting on my desk for perhaps 6 months (I can't remember when it was released) but having two friends jump in and wanting to play this game motivated me to get this guy on the table (or ocean). 
With the size of the model (5 inches long), finishing it off really only took 2 hours.  Why I hadn't done this before....
So now I'm on to painting 6 escorts and 3 destroyers.  I really like the size disparity in models for this game.  The escorts are so small an d really look like they'd be following their mothership around.  A friend is about to start antactica so I'm abit worried about their teleporting abilities.  I guess we'll see what happens.  Nothing a few massive cannon rounds won't solve I'm sure.