MDF Terrain Ideas

I'd never heard of this stuff before and by chance I stumbled across a couple sites.  It all seems to have been coming out recently as in winter 2011.  I'm REALLY leaning toward buying a bunch. The table edge fortress with maybe an extension seems like an amazing deal and nice way to run Apocalypse games thematically. ... 67910.aspx

All of the hab blocks/tanks/containers etc. are also great LOS blocking items which seem to be lacking on most tables. They also look pretty easy to balance models on top of so were obviously designed with gaming in mind. Running a bunch of this stuff as removable AV10 terrain seems like a pretty fun idea. No lines of fire? Boom. Wide open! 

I'm not giving a review though as I haven't seen any of this in the flesh.  Once I buy some (still up in the air which company) I'll post my results.