Land Raider Achilles Conversion WIP

Here's a WIP of my Land Raider Achilles.  I will be using this with my Night Hawks (as per the fluff).  Anyway you can see I have removed the front assault ramp and replaced it with a mural from chapterhouse.  The front includes a rhino panel which ties it in well with the other 40k vehicles.  I added a shadowsword megablaster to the front to count as the thunderfire.  With that gun's ability to put out tons of hits with blast templates, I think the gatlin will be suitable.

I've added some exhaust vents over the megablaster too which should help keep it cool when firing.  Now onto the painting booth!


  1. I think this is an excellent idea! I due believe it may show up in my army at some point!!!

    Great job.


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