Random Status Update

So I haven't posted in a while since I don't have a camera at the moment. I've been doing hobby things though! Actually lots of playing. Three games or so of Dystopian wars (they're really long) and 3 or 4 40k games this month. That's a lot for me.

Anyway I have made progress on my landspeeder, it's currently primed/highlighted and now I'm touching up the scouts inside before the airbrush does a wash on it. All of the details still need to be picked out but I could probably buckle down and finish it in two evenings if I set my mind to it. Mabye this weekend.

I also have a coat on my custodes but my airbrush was being a royal pain so I didn't bother with another coat. They are massive models though. I'd say I can't wait to see them painted but if that were true they'd be done by now.

Now, back to Dystopian Wars. I got a friend playing and he has jumped right in with the CoA. This motivated me to buy a nice piece of fabric to use as an ocean and to finish painting my KoB models. 6 Escorts, a dreadnought and 3 destroyers later, I'm still bad.
He wiped the floor with me. I guess my tactics were pretty poor but they're still a tough fleet to crack. Meanwhile I decided I'd like to try out the EotBS fleet. I owned the starter box already and noone would buy it. I figured spending a few dollars to make that playable wasn't as expensive as starting a whole new fleet. Last night I spent the evening painting the 10 tiny fliers up. If my camera was working I'd show them but the cell phone camera wouldn't cut it.
My only beef with the game is how long it takes. Unlike 40k where you can remember what a bolter is, guns aren't transferable between ships in Dystopian wars so you have to constantly reference playsheets. I think a normal game (with a decent amount of ships) still takes us 4 hours which is a bit long compared to ripping through a 40k game in 2 hours.