Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Blood Bowl Humans - part 3 - armour

This took a lot longer than I'd hoped. I forgot how annoying batch painting could be.  I only ever remember the good parts (once you near the end it's super rewarding) but when doing the main colour it drags on and on.  This part took forever, probably 20 minutes per model just for the base coat of blue, not including the highlights and washes. I looked through my paint bin and had some untouched turquoise which looked really cool so decided to use it. Very few other opportunities in my paint style allow me to use vibrant colours; especially not with Kingdom Death!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Blood Bowl Humans - Part 2 skin and trousers

After debating what colour to paint these guys for a few evenings, I settled on something easily recognizable. Google NFL uniforms and the vast majority wear a white colour pant. While these aren't exactly comparable (their armour is not hidden under a jersey) I felt the white pant/shirt would provide the most stark contrast and easily recognizable figures compared to real world. I didn't want these to look like space marines after all. So with my trusty airbrush I sprayed pallid wych flesh and skull white. A watered down gryphonne sepia followed by a skull white drybrush/highlight was then added.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Blood Bowl Humans - Part 1 conversions

Now that everything is together and basecoated, here are a few of the more interesting models. For the blitzers (only 2 in the starter) I needed to make 2 more. The easiest way was to use existing models in the box so I looked through my bitz box and found 3 headdresses from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I don't know where the others went so I couldn't make 4 exact; luckily I had another from the centurion box. Anyway I cut the eagle off of the 2 stock blitzers and replaced them with plumage so they'll stick out on the field.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Blood Bowl Ogre Helmet

I'm going to start a little break from Kingdom Death with a Blood Bowl segment.  My wife bought me the Blood Bowl starter for Christmas and I knew I needed an ogre. I instantly ordered an ogre body from ebay without waiting for GW to announce making a new ogre (I'd rather have one I made anyway; it's more special haha).

Anyway to match the box set guys, I needed to take the bald ogre head, carve off his Mongolian-esque moustache and add a helmet with wings. I took those red wings from an Aquila that was mounted to the back of a Space Hulk terminator. The rest is plasticard cut to fit. I toyed with adding more to his grill but it took away from the face. Also he's an ogre; how much protection does he need?

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Kingdom Death - Tyrant Painted

Here's my finished Tyrant for the People of the Stars Campaign! He promises to be a very unique fight compared to the other nemesis encounters.  It's also a nice change to not have the butcher and king's henchmen breathing down your settlement's neck.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Kingdom Death - Tyrant WIP 2

More work on the tyrant and moving on to the robes.  I still have to work on the thing attached to his back (I forget what it's called) and his forehead tattoos.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kingdom Death - Rawhide and Manhunter Gear

Firstly, I  noticed that the Manhunter sprue had two spare hats for survivors.  In addition, the only rawhide character I'd build uses a shield and axe; which in hindsight we never equip our survivors with in that combination.  Usually we do go with a rawhide set though on someone who doesn't get many weapons and is a utility character, using the rawhide headband ability to control the monster's actions.  So I decided to make an Indiana Jones inspired survivor.  Since she just has a whip and a pistol she won't be confused or look out of place as a stand in for any other weapon combination and should see lots of table time.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Kingdom Death - Tyrant WIP

Here's the start of my Dragon King Tyrant, the last 'needed' model for the People of the Stars campaign.  I went with yellow eyes to match my Dragon King and the inner glow.


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