Blood Bowl Humans - part 4 - Shoes!

I'd originally painted a few shoes blue and some red (borrowing from the official paint scheme) but it looked terrible and didn't fit with the armour colour I was using. So I decided the team would support breast cancer awareness (at least some of the players) and they'd get pink shoes and gloves! A nice touch to add a bit more visual diversity to the team beyond the skin tones. The rest of the players get grey sneakers.

This is actually a major update; it's hard to tell but since last time all of the leather strappings have been painted, the armour has received a drybrush of ice blue, an azure blue wash and another dry brushing.


  1. That pink is an inspired choice! Nice one thinking outside the box.

    1. Thanks, I had the hot pink (it's actually warlock purple but I don't believe them) sitting in the tub and figured it's probably the only time I'll ever use it.


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