Blood Bowl Humans - Part 1 conversions

Now that everything is together and basecoated, here are a few of the more interesting models. For the blitzers (only 2 in the starter) I needed to make 2 more. The easiest way was to use existing models in the box so I looked through my bitz box and found 3 headdresses from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I don't know where the others went so I couldn't make 4 exact; luckily I had another from the centurion box. Anyway I cut the eagle off of the 2 stock blitzers and replaced them with plumage so they'll stick out on the field.

Here's the ogre with his custom helmet. I used a shoulder pad from a chaos warrior (I think) and carved all of the iconography from his belly plate. The arms are both left hands, so to make a right hand I carved the thumb off, flipped it and used it as a right! Just a greenstuff strap for the shoulder pad and he's ready to play ball!


  1. Nicely done! Classic Bright Crusaders? or something more contemporary?

    1. Dig through the paint bin and see what I have extra :)


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