Blood Bowl Humans - Part 2 skin and trousers

After debating what colour to paint these guys for a few evenings, I settled on something easily recognizable. Google NFL uniforms and the vast majority wear a white colour pant. While these aren't exactly comparable (their armour is not hidden under a jersey) I felt the white pant/shirt would provide the most stark contrast and easily recognizable figures compared to real world. I didn't want these to look like space marines after all. So with my trusty airbrush I sprayed pallid wych flesh and skull white. A watered down gryphonne sepia followed by a skull white drybrush/highlight was then added.

For skin tones I wanted a multicultural team (going for the real world football team remember?). So I added a few different browns to the mix for a few of the players. This also helps break up some of the models that have identical poses.


  1. Damn. I really was hoping you would go for the original Bright Crusaders scheme from the 80's.

    Still, I like the way you've described your thinking around this. These are going to look pretty cool I think.

    1. I know nothing of the lore/background for Bloodbowl. I did my first league game with them last night (no one else has even primed their minis) and beat some dwarves pretty handily though one of my linemen died :(

      Those Bright Crusaders are waaaay too cheery for my tastes :)

    2. Heh - ya, I know. Too cheery for mine too. I was always a fan of the Orcland Raiders and Darkside Cowboys. Which reminds me... I really should get on with (re-)painting my teams so I can play a game with my son.

    3. If you don't mind me asking, how old was he before you introduced him (successfully) to gaming? I'm a ways off, just curious.

    4. He was curious regarding “Daddy’s toys” from a super early age. Nightmares of finding him and our then puppy happily pulling apart/chewing my hard work in my hobby room (That my wife had forgotten to close properly) still plague me from time to time!
      I first got him to try painting when he was around 5 I think. His attention span wasn’t much up to it for long though, but it was a good start. Just allowed him to let rip with some old paints and a brush on some skeleton or zombie (He has been into the macabre since day one I think.).
      He’s now 12 and seems to prefer painting more than playing. I’ll be showcasing his 80’s Skaven paintjobs sometime in April I think.

    5. That response was more on painting and you had asked about gaming. I grew up with boardgames, so we've done similar with my boy. His attention span hasn't always been conducive to finishing what we've started though. Even now he's easily distracted. I think Frostgrave has been our best bet for keeping his head in it so to speak.
      I think the first time I attempted to try a game with him, he was 6 or 7 and I just played a very simple "Roll a dice and score a 4 or more" homebrew game to get him interested. It worked to a certain level.

    6. Thanks for the response. When we were expecting I added locks to my display cabinets so I jumped the gun a little; though he's been crawling around and smashing them with his hands when we let him in the hobby room. I have a good 5-6 years to go it seems :) There's a local guy who's son plays x-wing (I think he's 12) and I'm pretty sure has won the regional tournaments so I'd actually figured 10 would be a decent starting age.

      We grew up with monopoly and risk and hated it, I'm surprised I'm such a board gamer now.


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