Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Kingdom Death - Gorm - Painted

SURPRISE!  He sure looks shocked to see you!  I assume it's the low light in which he must hunt using his angler.  I had some miscast skulls I added to his base and some stone faces from scibor miniatures (which work wonders in this game).  You can also see a hint in this picture of the inside of his mouth.  Some anatomically misplaced surprises await in there too.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kingdom Death - Gorm - WIP 3

More progress.  Started working on the eyes and the skin shading.  He's got some splotchy spots on his flesh tones and you can see a bit of the capillaries in the eyes here.  Also to the left of him you can see the base spray on the gorm pin up (for later).

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Kingdom Death - Gorm - WIP 2

Paint hits the elephant.  He started off grey, but sort of blended in with the granite that I've painted for my bases.  I tried to remedy this with a coloured wash but I think it may have gone too far.  We'll see when it's done.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Kingdom Death - Gorm WIP

Started on this elephant baby.  There were some gaps across a lot of the seams so I had to green stuff a bunch.  Also I plan to mount him on a few skulls so his front feet didn't sit right.  I ended up having to sculpt a bit of an ankle.  Wasn't too hard since it's just fat folds :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Ikea Display Cabinet - modded with lights/shelves

Time to share my display shelf.  These are the Detolf  shelves from Ikea.  The first thing, is that I bought some extra shelves for it (Ikea had some spares in the 'as is' section that were a decent price.  These are held up with steel cable clamps which are quite cheap (like a dollar) from any hardware store and fit the support rods really well.  Make them level and the shelves fit like a charm.  After that, I picked up a bunch of 12 volt LED strips and wiring from ebay for super cheap.  You can see in this photo I tried to different approaches.  The leftmost has a strip under each shelf while the one on the right has a single strip running vertically.  The lights are so bright you wouldn't want them really pointing out of the case or they'd be annoying to look at (the room lights are off you can see how bright these still make the cabinets).  Now that it's done, I like the one on the right more, I *think *it provides better light and looks cleaner.  I may redo the left shelf someday though it doesn't seem too pressing haha; maybe when the lights burn out :)

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Kingdom Death - White Lion re-based

The White Lion was the first Kingdom Death monster miniature I painted.  Originally I just put crushed black rock on the base and left it at that.  I really wasn't sure how far I was going to go with these miniatures or how far into the game I'd get.  On top of that, the first game we sat down to play, I had the painted 4 starting survivors and this guy, painted and all squared up on the table and a friend of mine says 'so are you going to paint the lion too?'.  Now I'm going to chalk this up to his poor eyesight, but apparently with the white lion and the base being black and his 20 years of games workshop experience, he saw a plastic black base and grey plastic.  Needless to say he didn't see any of the shading on the lion so I might have been slightly hurt!  No longer!  Behold his new base.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Custom Kharn the Betrayer Painted

Every Khorne army needs a Kharn.  So I made one.  Well, I updated the FW World Eater's sculpt to look more traitorous.  I carved the bunny ears off of (I think) a blood crusher knight and added them to his helmet, added chains, and more importantly, eight skulls across his body.  Behold some various angles, and the pre and post blooding.  The post blooding photos suck because of the sealer and the bad camera.  I really need to matte coat things and get over my well founded fears of doing so haha.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Kingdom Death Lion Knight Armour Sets - Warlord

Rounding out the week, here's the 3rd armour set offered by the Lion Knight.  This one, the Warlord, enhances axes.  I had considered doing a duel wielding axe guy, but ultimately went with a polearm axe.  I do have enough parts that I could make a female duel wielder some day.  Right now, I have so many unbuilt characters and things to paint, I can't convince myself to paint tons of variants unless we've used them.  In our many campaigns thus far, I haven't had anyone purchase duel axes so I though  this guy would be more practical.  For now... haha

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Kingdom Death Lion Knight Armour Sets - Dancer

Yesterday was the Brawler, today is the dancer.  Like the Brawler, this set is a combination of many different armour sets.  To give it a uniform look, despite using the correct parts, I painted most pieces to match my leather set.  She may or may not see a lot of play.  The set could benefit a lot of different weapons but I figured archery might be the most improved so gave her a bow.  The bow doesn't come with a string, so I made one with some wire.  Sadly I couldn't get it straight, but it still is an improvement I think over an unstrung bow.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Kingdom Death Lion Knight Armour Sets - Brawler

Now that the Lion Knight is done, I assembled with my spare sets the 3 new armour sets he lets you buy in game.  These sets look really cool and let you mix and match parts from the other sets for some unique bonuses.  Very specific stuff though so I think you'd need some foresight to make them to ensure you were hunting the correct monsters.  Anyway, the first up is the Brawler.  This guy will get used in my games regardless, just as the fist and tooth (unarmed) survivor since he looks fairly tribal and not too heavily armoured with his cape.  I had debated leaving off the hip phoenix parts, but without them the model looked pretty bland, so while I don't like them that much, they're better on than off.


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