Ikea Display Cabinet - modded with lights/shelves

Time to share my display shelf.  These are the Detolf  shelves from Ikea.  The first thing, is that I bought some extra shelves for it (Ikea had some spares in the 'as is' section that were a decent price.  These are held up with steel cable clamps which are quite cheap (like a dollar) from any hardware store and fit the support rods really well.  Make them level and the shelves fit like a charm.  After that, I picked up a bunch of 12 volt LED strips and wiring from ebay for super cheap.  You can see in this photo I tried to different approaches.  The leftmost has a strip under each shelf while the one on the right has a single strip running vertically.  The lights are so bright you wouldn't want them really pointing out of the case or they'd be annoying to look at (the room lights are off you can see how bright these still make the cabinets).  Now that it's done, I like the one on the right more, I *think *it provides better light and looks cleaner.  I may redo the left shelf someday though it doesn't seem too pressing haha; maybe when the lights burn out :)

Anyway on to closeups of the goodies inside which comprise a selection of units/models that rotate through the storage bags.

Emerald Fists air force and anti air battery

Emerald Fists Chapter Master and honour guard

Traitor Emerald Fist Terminators and Sorcerers

Khorne Daemonkin followers
I still haven't finished the greater daemon, and actually have had him for sale for a while locally trying to cover some costs of the crazy money I spent on Kingdom Death... oops
Khorne Daemonkin war engines and warp spawn

Nurgle Daemons

A selection of Emerald Fists elites

Kingdom Death monsters and survivors to date

Emerald Fist terminators and heavy support

Hodge podge!


  1. That's a really nice setup mate. One thing that's had me forgo picking up those cases is the lack of shelves. Might have to see if I can't emulate your own design though!

    1. Yeah it's a bit disappointing when you have a bunch of 'small' models on such a huge shelf. Doesn't matter quite so much if it's filled with fliers and other tall items; that's why I only split every second in half. Anyway go run by ikea and ask the 'help desk' by the as is if they have any spare shelves. They weren't out in public; they just fetched me some from in back when I asked and charged me an arbitrary price. I think I doubled my shelf space on two shelves for maybe 30 or 40 bucks.

    2. *two cabinets* not two shelves.

    3. Once I get my new place I think I will do just that. Thanks mate.


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