Custom Kharn the Betrayer Painted

Every Khorne army needs a Kharn.  So I made one.  Well, I updated the FW World Eater's sculpt to look more traitorous.  I carved the bunny ears off of (I think) a blood crusher knight and added them to his helmet, added chains, and more importantly, eight skulls across his body.  Behold some various angles, and the pre and post blooding.  The post blooding photos suck because of the sealer and the bad camera.  I really need to matte coat things and get over my well founded fears of doing so haha.

 I thought it important to leave the shoulder guard off of his bare arm to really showcase his gladiator style.  I didn't do this on my berserker squads and in hindsight maybe I should have.  Too late now though.

I'm here to axe you a question


  1. That is fantastic, man! I love it!

    1. Thanks! The new plastic guy leans too much imo.


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