Kingdom Death - Gorm - Painted

SURPRISE!  He sure looks shocked to see you!  I assume it's the low light in which he must hunt using his angler.  I had some miscast skulls I added to his base and some stone faces from scibor miniatures (which work wonders in this game).  You can also see a hint in this picture of the inside of his mouth.  Some anatomically misplaced surprises await in there too.

Appropriately placed nurgles rot...

I had committed to painting the baby head in a flesh tone from the start and am happy with that, but the elephant purple I'm not so sure about.  I think the issue is that it's jarring.  Even though it's a fictional nightmare creature, the mind's eye wants to liken it to something from the real world.  With the contrast of pink flesh to purple hide the mind can't do that.  Maybe that's it?  Oh well when he hits the table everyone is like 'what the hell is that thing?' so it does serve it's purpose ha.

 Bit of a close up of the eyes.  There's some swirl in the iris and some capillaries though they're hard to make out with my camera (no manual focus).
On guard!


  1. O_o

    Incredibly freakish! Those eyes.....

    Love it to bits mate - what's next?

    1. Gorm armour bits. And hitting refresh on the kickstarter page for updats ;)

  2. That is absolutely unsettling - awesome (and creepy) work, man!


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