Kingdom Death - White Lion re-based

The White Lion was the first Kingdom Death monster miniature I painted.  Originally I just put crushed black rock on the base and left it at that.  I really wasn't sure how far I was going to go with these miniatures or how far into the game I'd get.  On top of that, the first game we sat down to play, I had the painted 4 starting survivors and this guy, painted and all squared up on the table and a friend of mine says 'so are you going to paint the lion too?'.  Now I'm going to chalk this up to his poor eyesight, but apparently with the white lion and the base being black and his 20 years of games workshop experience, he saw a plastic black base and grey plastic.  Needless to say he didn't see any of the shading on the lion so I might have been slightly hurt!  No longer!  Behold his new base.


  1. Your mate needs glasses for sure. New base though looks great.

    1. Oh he's super blind - like can't read game text. But it still happened :).


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