Friday, 31 May 2013

Emerald Fist Tactical Terminators - Reality based Fluff

Vox traffic filled his helmet as he led Squad Tiberius to the teleport pad. The traitor marines had fortified the Oburo valley with trenches, barricades and anti aircraft batteries. This was a battle made for the Emerald Fists Tiberius thought.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Forge World and Customs

I just bought a fell blade from forge world and while I know I shouldn't be suprised, I was still shocked when I had to pay the post office for import charges.  I've ordered hundreds of items online and typically there is a better warning that you're going to pay import fees.  Anyway, this is my bad for not checking but I feel the seller should have a little warning in their shipping questions section (which they specifically set up for Canadian buyers).  Anyway just a warning to anyone who is on the fence with a purchase, the import fees are about 10%.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Plastic Glue and You - Too Much?

So I recently noticed that my ability to smell by brush on Tamiya plastic glue is basically nil.  I'm sure this isn't good for my health (an open window probably doesn't suffice).  Anyway I've had my fiancee 'hide' it so that I can't use it for a while.  Basically I told myself no more assembly until my unpainted models are done.  With a list of assembled models including a land raider, 3 predators, vindicator, 3 hyperios platforms, 5 havoks, a helldrake, decimator engine, Lysander, Scabiethrax and caestus assault ram (off the top of my head; there may be more) I should get a nice reprieve to regrow some neurons or desensitise (if it's not too late).

Has anyone else had bad experiences or the fear from such things?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hyperios Missile Turrets - Kitbash

My puppetswar missile turrets came in and I quickly put them together.  There were some slight air bubbles on the tips of a few missiles which I will fix with greenstuff and some larger bubbles on the rear of the missile pods and turrets.  These however are all very simple fixes as none of them occur in the vicinity of fancy details.  Overall I really like the look and they were cheaper than GW whirlwind turrets.  Here are the hyperios platforms I made out of aegis bases on 60mm bases.  They're not glued so I can swap them onto rhinos if I ever feel the need.  But for 35 points you can't go wrong for a T6 TL missile with skyfire...  I'm going to have to add them to the painting queue sooner rather than later as I really liked them during play testing.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Painting Flames on Miniatures

Final Product
The next thing on my list was a CSM Hell Blade I bought a while back.  I really couldn't figure out what colour scheme I wanted to use for it though.  I didn't want it to match my Emerald Fists since it isn't a marine vehicle (it's a servitor).  I'd rather it be from the Eye of Terror gifted from some Dark Mechanicus allies.  So without doing a solid colour, I wanted to test myself and my airbrush and decided to go with a tutorial I saw for flames on BuyPainted's Youtube.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Good vs Evil - Librarian vs Sorcerer

With both of my Emerald Fist psykers finished I took a few 'action' shots with the two sworn enemies locked in a final battle pitting their powers against one another.  I like the contrast between the loyalist and his fallen comrade.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Emerald Fists Librarian (Sevrin Loth)

Here's the counterpart to my nurgle sorcerer.  This sevrin loth model from forge world is sweet.  I really like all of the detail on him and the casting pose.  I swapped a black templar axe for him as well and did lightning like I have been for the rest of my models.  The light blue was done to subdue the colour scheme to match the light white/cream of my space marines.  I magnetised the backpack as well so it can be removed and swapped for a jump pack at a later date sould I want to even though currently I don't have one or see me wanting one.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Morteus, Emerald Fist Sorcerer of Nurgle

Morteus, Sorcerer of Nurgle
The Schism of the Fists was not limited to line astartes. Neither Lexicani nor codicier, fused with the tainted geneseed, were immune to those blighted events. Although they may have held out longer than their comrades, secluding themselves to rigorous meditation to ward off the pressing tide of corruption, the young librarians inevitably ceded to Roscius as their battle brothers died around them. Once removed from the shackles of the Librarius’ edicts designed to protect those wielding the powers of the warp, the traitors were free to delve into the rotting wonder of the Lord of Decay. Most of these new sorcerers had not yet steeled their minds to such power and perished or worse, devolved into gibbering masses of flesh spawn. Few, such as Morteus, harnessed this power to their will. With but a look Morteus infects his victims and wracks their flesh. The sharing of his gifts with all those he sets his gaze upon has become his only impetus. Those who earn his attention are rewarded with a death experienced throughout a lifetime in a state between worlds; neither in the material world nor the immaterium, his victims suffer for an eternity at the blink of an eye before crumbling to dust at his feet. Large swaths of the population of Bruj were inevitably cursed to fates worse than death by his hand.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Emerald Fists Nurgle Sorcerer & Librarian WIP

I'm currently working on a librarian for my Emerald Fists and his traitor counterpart; a sorcerer of nurgle.  The army is an off-white cream colour so I didn't want the stark ultramarine blue colour scheme for my librarians.  Instead I mixed a colour akin to shadow grey as a base coat and then followed up with space wolf grey, a black wash, more space wolf grey and skull white.  The baby blue colour singles them out from the rest of the guys and follows the blue-scheme of librarians without being too stark in contrast.  These models are also amazing sculpts.  Once I return from Vegas I'll finish these two guys off. 


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