Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wave 10 - Khorne!

Just a break from Kingdom Death (not a real break, just some interludes...).  Huge batch of khornate worshipers incoming!  I have 2x 8 man squads (obviously) of berserkers, an 8 man biker squad (bikes already done), a lord (who will eventually be on a juggernaut), 5 possessed and a daemon prince.  Shaping up to have a playable army soon enough!  Though maybe a transport or two would be a good idea . . .

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Kingdom Death - The Butcher WIP

The next model encountered chronologically in the game (well there is probably some variability) is the Butcher.  There's not much to go on for art so I stuck to various dirty metallics thus far.  He's called the butcher and has been wandering around for ever slaughtering people so I felt his metals should mostly be rusted and decayed.  I have some work to do on the cape and some verdegris to add, plus I'm trying to decide what to use for a scenic base.  We'll see!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Kingdom Death Scenario Cards

Demian from the Vibrant Lantern crafted these cards for me on cardstock.  Thanks man!  They accompany the beta scenarios Kingdom Death released recently.  I've had the chance to play through the Candy and Cola one which fights an alternate level 1 lion.  Pretty neat change.  I hope not too many of these get replaced when the scenarios are updated but only time will tell.  It's a lot nicer to have these on cardstock than printing them myself on flimsy paper.  Also once they're in FFG sleeves they will shuffle right up with everything else for some of the other scenarios which require both these and existing cards.

Stop over to the Vibrant Lantern for instructions on making your own, and tons of other sweet resources for the game.  Keep the nightmare going if you can!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kingdom Death - Starting Survivors Painted

The starting survivors for my Kingdom Death game are now painted up!  The sculpts are awesome and dynamic (aside from that non nonchalant fellow on the right who doesn't seem in a rush to do much).  The models have really realistic proportions (not looking for arguments from the PC police) - they're not heroic scale like many sci-fi miniatures.  Because of this I had a bit of trouble with the eyes.  I've read tutorials on eyes, and would have tried to 'fix' them after, but I actually think the 'surprised' look works with the theme!  In the game, these survivors have just become self aware and are in a nightmare world.  So they shouldn't look calm and collected and my poor eye painting is easily justified :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kingdom Death - White Lion done

I finished my white lion.  My wife says it's grey but what does she know haha.  That's partly why I decided to go with such a dark black base, in order to offset the fur colour.  I looked at a bunch of pictures online of real white lions and they all seem to have the black lips and a pink nose so I copied that.  It's hard to see but I also put some baby blue eyes in there.  This guy is a beast, I look forward to farming white lions to help out or settlement in the future but so many of our survivors have died... this is a brutal game but so satisfying when the dice go your way.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Kingdom Death - White Lion part1

I'm almost done my white lion.  I put a few coats of white and cream on it followed by select lining with gryphonne sepia to extenuate the muscles.  Not much more to do but I'm waiting on a warm-ish day in Canada to seal and do the blood effects.

After a few games so far, we wiped on the prologue (ha it's hard!) and then got a bit through the campaign.  We're doing 'Ok' but it's quite hard and we only have a few people left in our town.  I think we're doomed.  It's not forgiving haha

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Kingdom Death Monster - First Minis

My Kingdom Death Monster game came in just before the holidays and I had time to assemble and basecoat a few.  You can see the white lion is started.  I can say with certainty (having assembled literally hundreds of models from GW and a few other places, that these aren't the best 'cuts'.  The casts themselves are great, the modelling is awesome and I love the theme, but where they decided to separate the models to be put on the sprue isn't the best.  My guess is this comes from not using a computer, and also from having proper proportions (for example GW space marines have large ball and socket joints easily done because the proportions aren't true).  Either way, once you get past this, the models are very nice and I'm looking forward to painting them.


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