Kingdom Death Scenario Cards

Demian from the Vibrant Lantern crafted these cards for me on cardstock.  Thanks man!  They accompany the beta scenarios Kingdom Death released recently.  I've had the chance to play through the Candy and Cola one which fights an alternate level 1 lion.  Pretty neat change.  I hope not too many of these get replaced when the scenarios are updated but only time will tell.  It's a lot nicer to have these on cardstock than printing them myself on flimsy paper.  Also once they're in FFG sleeves they will shuffle right up with everything else for some of the other scenarios which require both these and existing cards.

Stop over to the Vibrant Lantern for instructions on making your own, and tons of other sweet resources for the game.  Keep the nightmare going if you can!


  1. Great link! I did NOT know about vibrant lantern. Thanks so much!


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