Kingdom Death - Starting Survivors Painted

The starting survivors for my Kingdom Death game are now painted up!  The sculpts are awesome and dynamic (aside from that non nonchalant fellow on the right who doesn't seem in a rush to do much).  The models have really realistic proportions (not looking for arguments from the PC police) - they're not heroic scale like many sci-fi miniatures.  Because of this I had a bit of trouble with the eyes.  I've read tutorials on eyes, and would have tried to 'fix' them after, but I actually think the 'surprised' look works with the theme!  In the game, these survivors have just become self aware and are in a nightmare world.  So they shouldn't look calm and collected and my poor eye painting is easily justified :)

I also wanted to include a fun 'staged' shot of them surrounding a pesky lion.  He'll soon be farmed for precious hide and lion bones; hopefully without the survivors losing too many limbs - but I hold little hope.


  1. Eyes are so friggin hard. I'd probably just paint them white and say they were possessed!

    Your skin tones and cloth came out great!

    1. Thanks man. There's so many half naked people in this game there's lots of room for practice!


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