Kingdom Death - White Lion part1

I'm almost done my white lion.  I put a few coats of white and cream on it followed by select lining with gryphonne sepia to extenuate the muscles.  Not much more to do but I'm waiting on a warm-ish day in Canada to seal and do the blood effects.

After a few games so far, we wiped on the prologue (ha it's hard!) and then got a bit through the campaign.  We're doing 'Ok' but it's quite hard and we only have a few people left in our town.  I think we're doomed.  It's not forgiving haha


  1. It's great to finally see these guys being painted on the blog circuit!

    1. No doubt, I can't find inspiration anywhere :( I'm stuck with the few art pieces for each model and 1-2 that show up in google images. The game has really grabbed our attention (I started a 2nd session with another guy last night and am having the main group over tomorrow to continue). All steam ahead with Kingdom Death painting. Just so many skins to paint...


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