Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Plague Marine Squad 2 WIP

Here's my second plague marine squad - still a work in progress but nearing an end.  I'm so close to being able to field a real CSM army.  For the last few months I've had to ally CSM to guard just to get them in.  I also added a few bits from the plaguebearer sprues for flavour and as an icon.  I think the nurglings are sweet; it's too bad I don't have more. 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Battle Shot - Deployment Importance

I was going to do up a battle report for this game but it was pretty one-sided and wouldn't make for much of an interesting read.  We set up using one of the battle missions that forced the defenders to be within 12" of the centre and the enemy outside 18".  The attackers messed up and deployed as close as they could hoping for first turn.  The all-in plan they went for failed on the first dice roll and we (the defenders) went first.  I'd gone very heavy assault so when we won the dice roll it went very badly as my marines were in range first turn.  A lesson to everyone! 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tale of Allied Painting - Ork Walkers

So with the busy season (or lazy bastards) we are now at 2 of the original 5 participants.  The only guy left is trukking along with his big mek allies and actually put out a troop choice and whatever the other one is (there's some kans and def dreads in there).  Quite a bit of vehicles that he pushed out last minute I must say!  I can't wait to play against him since his army has drastically changed with the addition of all of these new units.  To everyone else. shame!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Defence of Raven's Keep (Batrep intro)

Cronus Verenus Marius
Astropathic summons screamed through the aether as the Raven Guard were drawn into ever smaller rings of defence. Legend spoke of the Raven's Keep being erected as tribute during the great crusade when Corax himself had brought compliance to this backwater world. Now, the Raven Guard were surrounded with little hope of preventing this holy relic from falling to the perversions of the god of sensation and its minions.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Spartacus Gladiators

Since this game was so much fun and I have friends coming over Friday to play I painted the last two gladiators up.  No jealousy now :)  Not really anything else to say.  These were quick one hour paint jobs and it was nice to get away from 40k for a bit.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Spartacus Board Game Review

Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery

I bought this game purely based on two things; liking the show and some vague positive comments I read online.  After playing our first game last night I wanted to write out a review for anyone else who might be interested in it.

I should start by saying that my gaming resume consists of the classics and popular stuff like Axis and Allies, Twilight Imperium, Settlers of Catan and Power Grid.  Spartacus fits in among those and will be a regular for gaming nights from now on.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Spartacus Gladiator Miniatures

I picked up the Spartacus board game this week and realised there were 4 plastic models inside.  I planned for three buddies to come over and play and wanted to have a painted guy.  We all know that the painted models roll better so I told my partner that I was going to paint one up.  She (who had a girls night) wasn't going to be around to play but was quite worried about this imbalance.  She said her gladiator (for next game) would also need to be painted.  After conversation I got my lady of six years to paint her first miniature (for fairness of course!).

Emerald Fist Blight Drone Completed

I finished painting everything on this model a few days ago.  I love it!  Can't wait to start working on the second one.  I'm really enjoying painting rust and the weathering on this stuff - such a huge difference from clean marines.  I've posted a few different angles to give a 360 view.  The next one will have a slightly greener 'slug' underneath to provide contrast between the two models.  I'm also going to pick out different parts of rust and maybe make it a slight bit more dirty so that the two of them don't look like identical twins which would be pretty boring on the table.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Emerald Fist Blight Drone Fluff

Reports of Emerald Fist forces fighting alongside the forces of chaos rarely involve tales of full scale daemonic incursion; for tales of this magnitude do not leave the sanity of the few survivors to whisper them.  Far more common are descriptions of strange mechanical beasts flying support or walking among the Fists.  Of particular note are the flying constructs known as blight drones.  These foul machines can be heard approaching with a sound akin to a swarm of flies. A large mass of flesh protected by thick armour plating is held aloft by two rotors.  Whether this merger of armour and flesh is spawned directly from the warp or hammered into existance by Emerald Fists' warp smiths aboard their fleet vessels is unknown.  A popular suspision among the Ordo Malleus is that of fatally wounded marines giving themselves fully to the corruption of the warp and becoming engorged with unknown plagues; destined to live on and spread rot and suffering from their bloated selves.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blight Drone WIP 2

 I'm on a roll now and couldn't help but paint up a bunch more on this guy.  I think I'm done with the drone itself and will just have to finish the base.  Rust, blood, flesh, lenses, metal - what more can you want from a model :)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Blight Drone WIP

I haven't spent much time painting (any) in the last month and the 3rd painting challange deadline is fast approaching.  I actually have decided to halve my entry from 2 drones to 1 as I don't think I can finish both in 2 weeks especially with Halo 4 coming out.  So here's the one that gets to be my canvas for 2 weeks.  I finished doing the skin and metals with their base colours.  The whole guy is pretty much done with respect to base coats now and will just need details added like rust and blood etc.  I'm going to go back and drybrush some rotting flesh onto the skin to give it a green hue I think (at least in some areas).  So we'll have to see how far I get tomorrow.  I had a game yesterday and suffered a catastrophic defeat to the new chaos book (with my loganwing) and this guy should help to deal with the hordes of CSM I've seen from my opponent lately.


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