Battle Shot - Deployment Importance

I was going to do up a battle report for this game but it was pretty one-sided and wouldn't make for much of an interesting read.  We set up using one of the battle missions that forced the defenders to be within 12" of the centre and the enemy outside 18".  The attackers messed up and deployed as close as they could hoping for first turn.  The all-in plan they went for failed on the first dice roll and we (the defenders) went first.  I'd gone very heavy assault so when we won the dice roll it went very badly as my marines were in range first turn.  A lesson to everyone! 

Anyway just wanted to show a cool shot of the stormtalon straffing some DE jetbikes (obviously the drivers have been vapourized).  I'm currently half way through a second squad of plague marines and then I think I'll do a tactical/CSM squad or two rhinos.