Blight Drone WIP

I haven't spent much time painting (any) in the last month and the 3rd painting challange deadline is fast approaching.  I actually have decided to halve my entry from 2 drones to 1 as I don't think I can finish both in 2 weeks especially with Halo 4 coming out.  So here's the one that gets to be my canvas for 2 weeks.  I finished doing the skin and metals with their base colours.  The whole guy is pretty much done with respect to base coats now and will just need details added like rust and blood etc.  I'm going to go back and drybrush some rotting flesh onto the skin to give it a green hue I think (at least in some areas).  So we'll have to see how far I get tomorrow.  I had a game yesterday and suffered a catastrophic defeat to the new chaos book (with my loganwing) and this guy should help to deal with the hordes of CSM I've seen from my opponent lately.


  1. Looking good. I love the look of the blight drones. They really added a dynamic to the chaos range that wasn't just spiky space marines.

    1. I definately agree. I think that's why I'm so drawn to the nurgle theme (of the 4 gods). They're the most visually distinct by a long shot. It's too bad the hell drake and forgefiends didn't more actively mesh flesh and machine like the blight drones. A giant slug strapped into a helicopter is a pretty sweet idea.


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