Spartacus Gladiator Miniatures

I picked up the Spartacus board game this week and realised there were 4 plastic models inside.  I planned for three buddies to come over and play and wanted to have a painted guy.  We all know that the painted models roll better so I told my partner that I was going to paint one up.  She (who had a girls night) wasn't going to be around to play but was quite worried about this imbalance.  She said her gladiator (for next game) would also need to be painted.  After conversation I got my lady of six years to paint her first miniature (for fairness of course!).
Anyway these guys are pretty non-detailed.  Not a lot of raised surfaces and they're probably 75% the height of a cadian and better proportioned.  I whipped mine up in about 30 minutes and walked her through some basic painting techniques to get hers done in about 2 hours.  I'm impressed by her first (and probably last hahaha) miniature.    She painted the black guy and I painted the white dude.  You can't even tell who's is who's!  The one cool thing I tried out on this was to make the shield wood grained.  I painted some generic brown paint on it and then just simple vertical stripes of a darker brown.  From far away it's pretty convincing as wood texture.  Nothing fancy, just dark brown vertical stripes and the less perfect the better which is always good.
I'll have to paint up the other two gladiator models since this was a lot of fun to play.