Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Land Raider Achilles WIP

I've made more progress on my achilles.  I went with green around the top copula this time to offset all of the white.  The last land raider I did in a white scheme was too bare on top and I ended up adding a large chevron.  I think this looks much cleaner which is my style (I think).  More gold touch ups and details and this will be ready to destroy!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Land Raiders WIP

Keeping on the land raider train, I started doing the base coating for my achilles and my spartan.  Big tanks are so much faster to paint than infantry.  It always amazes me the ease at which one can add 300 points to an army.  Also much more satisfying.  This stage is about as far as they go while being painted together.  The washing and sponging is all done and it's on to the detail.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

[Emerald Fists] Command Land Raider Prometheus Complete

My Land Raider Prometheus is now complete.  I went for mainly a green colour to offset the rest of the army.  I would not want much of the army to be so green but for the command tank transporting the honour guard I wanted something that would stand out.  Looking at this arrayed with the rest of the army it does just that.  I've used the chapterhouse kit to give it a more armoured look and everything has magnets so I can swap it to another load out if need be.  The radar / sensor portion is built from various bits like searchlights, an aegis line, land speeder sensor and a few other pieces.  Basically I just wanted a lot of lenses.  I painted this part white so it would stand out more.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

[Emerald Fists] Command Land Raider WIP - Marble Fail

Here's my attempt to make a marble-ish pattern on my land raider.  It did not turn out.  Anyway first picture shows the green basecoat.


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