[Emerald Fists] Command Land Raider WIP - Marble Fail

Here's my attempt to make a marble-ish pattern on my land raider.  It did not turn out.  Anyway first picture shows the green basecoat.

Next I sponged on a bunch of different greens

Then black and some more green.  But once I was done, it really just looked like camouflage which is not what I was going for.  So instead, I just rebased it green.  I'm glad I tried it, as trying things is how you learn, but I'm a bit disapointed I couldn't get the effect I wanted.  I'd also tried a few other things on the bottom of the tank like solid green with cracks but it looked bad too.

So here we are now.  I have removed the tape and we just have green.  On to the trim and shading for the green!


  1. I like the pattern of colors. It's hard to come up with something that makes each vehicle look just a bit different.

    1. The pattern before or after I messed up? haha This one being the inverse of my other land raider (and my other tanks) it should stand out even if not marbled.

  2. I actually like the pattern a bit as well (the messed up one). It wasn't what you were looking for, but it was still pretty interesting. Could probably try something on a smaller scale. Maybe try that effect on a shield or part of the land raider instead of the entire thing? That way it would add a pop of interest at a key area you wanted to draw attention to.


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