Land Raiders WIP

Keeping on the land raider train, I started doing the base coating for my achilles and my spartan.  Big tanks are so much faster to paint than infantry.  It always amazes me the ease at which one can add 300 points to an army.  Also much more satisfying.  This stage is about as far as they go while being painted together.  The washing and sponging is all done and it's on to the detail.


  1. Great use of sponging and weathering. What a lovely base to start working on. That spartan is a beast!

    1. Now that I'm painting my stuff much more weathered I sort of dislike the original tanks I did. They're too white. I can definitely never see myself 'fixing' them though. I guess they're just more fresh off the line.

    2. One thing I started doing, (just sharing a personal idea), is indicating the relative success of a model with additional bits over time.

      A model does particularly well, they start getting adorned with bits and emblems, gold trim etc.

      You could easily add some slight weathering over time as the models get used, to bring them in line with the others. :) I find doing such small additions really attaches you to a model. I have an ironclad I always play with in every combat. He's won me so many games, he's my star...just adorned with tons of purity seals!

    3. Ha sweet. I haven't played a game in maybe 6 months? At least since 7ed came out so I doubt that would help me much. On my manticore though I did add a kill decal for each of the two games where it won the game by itself :)

      Maybe the opposite is true? Every time the unit dies horribly and wipes out its contents or loses the game or underperforms you add some 'defeat markers' haha

    4. Ha yup! You could add some dishonor via battle damage. :) Slowly buildup some character!


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