[Emerald Fists] Command Land Raider Prometheus Complete

My Land Raider Prometheus is now complete.  I went for mainly a green colour to offset the rest of the army.  I would not want much of the army to be so green but for the command tank transporting the honour guard I wanted something that would stand out.  Looking at this arrayed with the rest of the army it does just that.  I've used the chapterhouse kit to give it a more armoured look and everything has magnets so I can swap it to another load out if need be.  The radar / sensor portion is built from various bits like searchlights, an aegis line, land speeder sensor and a few other pieces.  Basically I just wanted a lot of lenses.  I painted this part white so it would stand out more.

To break up the green I put some script in various places and some freehand fists.  Add some gold and mud and I have a new tank!  I need to buy some honour guard though.  Someday when I figure out what I want to use as a base.


  1. Great job with the weathering. Green looks really nice as well. A Proper lovely landraider...especially with those sponsoon side bits!

    1. Thanks! I'm happy it turned out after the marbling problems.

    2. You should still revisit them at a later stage (maybe in a smaller detail), as I felt your idea was really good, and I liked the texture you created...just not so much of it at once :).

    3. On smaller models though I did find just adding squiggly lines gave a better effect. I'll find somewhere to try again :)


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